Moto Glove

These 100% leather motorcycle gloves are the perfect addition to your moto kit. Designed for the passionate rider, they feature a double layer of leather at the palm, thumb, and at the top of the fingers for extra comfort when on the bike. There is also a thin foam protection at the knuckles that serves as armor for your hands. An adjustable closure at the cuff allows you to fit the gloves to your liking and elastic at the wrist ensures a comfortable feel. The AETHER logo is embossed on the adjustable flap.

Size & fit

Fits true to size. 


Technical specs
  • 100% leather
  • Double layer of leather at the palm, thumb, and top of fingers for added comfort
  • Knuckle armor
  • Quilted stitch detail over the knuckles and palm
  • Adjustable closure

  • Elastic at top and bottom of wrist

  • Embossed AETHER Logo on adjustable flap

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