Boosted Board Stealth

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The Boosted Stealth is a high-performance electric longboard built from the ground up with attention to detail at every turn, including a new ride mode with higher top speed and lightning-fast acceleration. The deck’s construction has been re-imagined utilizing techniques developed in snowboard manufacturing to deliver a more refined ride, while retaining flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving capabilities. Stealth comes stock with Boosted’s new, custom-designed 85mm stratus wheels. The Boosted Stealth is the ultimate in electric skateboard technology.

Technical specs
  • 14-miles with extended-range battery
  • 24 mph top speed and super-responsive acceleration
  • Climbs 25%-grade hills with speed and ease
  • 5 ride modes, including the new Hyper mode
  • 85mm wheels
  • Regenerative and reliable brakes
  • Remote ergonomic and Bluetooth™ enabled

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