Snow2 Heads-Up Display


Snow2 by Recon Instruments is an advanced heads-up display system designed specifically for ski goggles.

This wearable computer is compatible with most goggles and displays key information at just a glance in the bottom right side of the frame. The device features an innovative mirror and prism technology that virtually displays the information five feet in front of you. Check your speed, altitude, resort maps, track your friends, listen to music, or take calls and read texts (pairs with your smart phone). All of these functions from a Bluetooth, waterproof remote with oversized buttons for easy use with gloves.

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Snow Foldable Helmet by Carrera

Building upon their success of their bicycle folding helmet, Carrera has now applied their innovative patented flexible frame to the Snow Foldable Helmet.

The flexible frame adapts to the shape of the users head to ensure a perfectly snug fit and maximum comfort. Its unique design allows the helmet to fold, saving 20% of space and making it easier to pack. The snow foldable helmet is now available in four colors as well as a leather / carbon version.

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POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.39.35 AM

The POC Receptor Backcountry with MIPS delivers state-of-the-art protection unlike any other helmet in the snow sports market.

Based on the shell and core design of POC’s well-known Receptor, this helmet also incorporates their patented MIPS system (Multi Impact Protection System) to dramatically reduce rotational forces on the brain during a major impact. The technology works by using a low friction layer that separates the shell from the inside liner of the helmet. When the helmet experiences a heavy impact, the low friction layer will sheer, allowing for a small, controlled rotation of the shell. This allows the shell to absorb the rotational force of the impact instead of your brain.

The helmet is also integrated with the company’s VDSAP system (Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration system), which uses two overlapping shells to protect against sharp piercing objects. The system offers ample ventilation when needed, but can be closed on colder days. This comes on top of an already rugged multi-impact EPP foam liner core, which protects users from minor knocks and bumps.

The POC Receptor Backcountry with MIPS raises the bar for all other helmet manufacturers. When it comes to safety on the slopes, POC is in a league of their own.

POC Receptor Backcountry helmet with MIPS is now available in our Gear section for $250.00. Find out more about it there.

- Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration system (VDSAP)
- Multi-impact EPP liner
- Aramid Penetration Barrier
- MIPS system
- Recco avalanche rescue system
- Detachable ear pads and neck roll
- Goggle clip included
- Sizes: S, M, L, XL
- Weight: 640g

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.43.08 AM

Skytech Sport Ski Simulator


Ski season may still be a few months off, but you can still keep sharp during the summer with Skytech Sport’s state-of-the-art ski simulator.

Skytech Sport has developed a hyper-realistic ski simulator that combines physical motion with a virtual interface to give users a truly immersive experience.  Users  can choose between a ski or snowboard setup and slide back and forth along a track that mimics a variety of specific snow conditions. Once users have gotten the hang of the motion, they can select from a wide array of runs – including many from their favorite mountains.

Skytech Sport Simulator is designed to be sold for individual or business use (such as ski shops) or can be rented for special events. For more information check out their website.

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Lego Freeskiing: Deep Pow

Cat skiing and back-country deep powder sessions, brought to you in Lego form.

This video combines the cheeky fun of stop-animation Legos with the uber seriousness of glam ski reels, and the result, is wonderfully endearing. From the faux lens flares to the chillwave electronic soundtrack, it captures all the classic hallmarks of the modern ski highlight reel while subtly drawing attention to their formulaic nature and underlying pretension.

It’s a brilliant little short with a light, playful touch that fills your heart with youthful happiness in a way that only Legos can.

GOPR Rescue Snowmobile


The GOPR Rescue Snowmobile was designed by Warsaw team Gustaw Lange and Aleksander Lange to handle difficult weather conditions while rescuing injured skiers off the mountain.

An ambulance for the snow, the GOPR snowmobile is mobile, maneuverable, and able to access remote areas with ease.  The two-seater can swiftly push through the snow with its two front skis and its powerful track system that propels the machine over all types of terrain.

The bubble-like shape of the vehicle’s front allows for a pair of rescuers to retrieve and assist the injured, while the rectangular shaped rear functions as a medical bed for the injured. Ultimately, Lange & Lange’s GOPR Rescue Snowmobile will enable GOPR’s rescuers to make swift and efficient rescues off of the mountain.

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Rescue-Snowmobile-by-Lange-and-Lange-2 Rescue-Snowmobile-by-Lange-and-Lange-3

Restaurant Vidikovac at Ski Center Radusa


Designed by Croatian firm 3LHD architects, the restaurant Vidikovac at Ski Center Radusa is situated in the scenic Uskopaljski Valley.

The low-profile pavilion was inspired by the concept of a lookout. Visitors can take refuge from the icy cold by gathering around large, open fireplaces while enjoy food and beverages. Like many mountain roundhouses, the interior is finished with warm woods to contrasts the stark white outside.

To find out more about Restaurant Vidikovac and the unlikely skiing in Croatia visit the their website 

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All next week we will be interrupting our normal broadcast of the Aether Journal to bring you live updates from our motorcycle trip: Aether Chasing Winter.

As the ski season comes to a close and the motorcycle riding season begins,  we’re taking a trip of a lifetime and chasing the last of the snow up the Rockies. For the next week, we’ll be riding from Telluride, CO to Jackson Hole, WY on fully-loaded BMW GSs, stopping at every major ski resort along the way.  Our goal: to hit the last of the snow and the first of the open roads.

While we’re out there, we will be testing out our new motorcycle jackets, the Skyline and Canyon, as well our entire winter collection.  It might be spring time, but it’s still the Rockies. Things are going to get cold.

So stay tuned to the Aether Journal for updates, and follow our daily progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #AETHERchasingwinter

Ultralight Snowboard Carry System


The Function Ultralight Ski & Snowboard Carry System ($40) makes hauling cumbersome snowboards and skis a lot easier.  Weighing a scant 84 grams (about as much as an iPhone) this carrying system is made of Mil-spec Nylon webbing and Hypalon edge protectors. Two different styles allow for a backpack (snowboard) or bandolier (skis) configuration. When not in use, the Function Ultralight straps fit into an included Tyvek stuff sack that measures 3.5″ by 4.5″. Essentially small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

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Two Days in the Pipe

Last winter professional skier turned professional videographer, Michael Clarke got back out on the slopes to shoot some material with current free stylers : Justin Dorey and Simon Dumont. They spent two days shooting under the clear western skies of Breckenridge, Colorado, with a fair deal of time devoted to The Breck half-pipe. This flowing, visually arresting vignette of precision work is what they came back with.