UEV 440 Off-Road Camper


As tough as the outback itself, the Australian-designed UEV 440 is a rugged little pop-up for the road less traveled.

This camper trailer combines a rugged design, extraordinary build strength, and a range of luxury features to take some of the roughness out of roughing it. It’s rock-solid skeletal construction with epoxy-coated body parts that allow the trailer to take quite a thrashing out on the trail.

In terms of comfort, the UEV-440 offers ample headroom and living space with a range of sleeping options. It also includes a complete kitchen that comes equipped with a double door refrigerator / freezer, microwave, hot and cold water, cutlery, crockery, and other cooking utensil.

The trailer also features a large tented awning in front of the caravan, an intelligent powerpack charging system, housing with room for jerry cans, pressurized pump and diesel hot water system. Additionally, the trailer’s modular design allows for a variety of different configurations, making the UEV-440 a highly versatile off-road camper.

For more information about the UEV 440, check out their website:





Track-N-Go lets you turn your 4×4 car or truck into an arctic rover in just minutes.

Unlike other modifications like Mattrack, which replaces a vehicle’s wheels in exchange for a dedicated track system, Track-N-Go lets you add tracks on to your existing wheels. The power from your wheels goes directly to the tracks – all you need to do is drive on top, attached, and you’re ready to go.  Track-N-Go can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.

These tracks are designed to help you through deep snow, with a ski-like deflector plate to help you get up on top of the snow instead of burying straight into it. However, they can also be driven for a limited period of time on asphalt at speeds up to 60 mph.

For more information about the Track-N-Go system, check out their website: trucktracks.com





A Mojave Solstice


We were climbing a rough section of trail on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, our knobby tires bouncing from one skull-sized rock to the next. Most of us had made it to the top of the pass when we heard Palmer, who was riding sweep, begin his ascent. Things were going well at first, with his powerful 1200GS clambering over the loose rocks, but halfway up the rocky wash his metal pannier hooked a piece of granite the size of an end table and the bike suddenly swung round like a rodeo bull. The RPMs spiked, the tires turned sideways, and from inside a cloud of dust and flailing limbs came the clamor of a 500 lb. bike hitting the ground. It was at this exact moment that the trip officially became an adventure.

Early that morning we had set out from Los Angeles under dark, overcast skies. Our group consisted of a small contingent from Aether: founders Jonah and Palmer, Brandt, and myself. We were joined by Davide, founder of Shelter Half, and Sinuhe, long time senior photographer for Overland Journal and outdoorsman at large.


It was the eve of the Winter Solstice, but before we were forced to succumb to the holiday spirit in full, we decided to escape into the desert for one last motorcycle trip to cap off the year. We planned to ride east of Palm Springs, cut north across Joshua Tree, then continue on to the Mojave Preserve before finally spending the night at a secret campsite (courtesy of Sinuhe).

The trip began like every other road trip from Los Angeles: a grueling hump across endless miles of freeway. However, the dullness was broken up by intermittent rain showers, which lifted a layer of oil off the road and caused our tires to shimmy and shake. So in addition to being wet we were also very much awake. Thankfully, the skies cleared as we turned off the highway outside Coachella and we headed north into the sun-drenched mountains.


Where the crumbling pavement of the desert road ended, we continued. Our route now took the form of a double track trail that became less and less defined as we went. About midway through, where the terrain got particularly rough, is where Palmer took his tumble.


Damage to the rider was minimal (a bruised shin), but the bike suffered a dented pannier, broken mirror, and dislodged toggle switch that kept the horn permanently depressed. This issue was immediately remedied with a rock, which was readily offered by Davide. We all lent a hand to help reposition the bike, which was now facing downhill, and enjoyed a few laughs recalling the incident. Then, undaunted and with renewed energy, Palmer jumped back in the saddle and rode the rest of way up. The caravan pressed on.



We made our way out of the mountains and onto the sandy trails of the Joshua Tree basin. Riding a motorcycle over deep sand requires a mixture of skill, faith, and black magic. More than a few of us, myself included, dumped our bikes in spectacular slow motion. Finally, with the sun hanging low on the horizon, we arrived at a paved crossroad. After two hours of plodding through sand, asphalt under the tires never felt so good.


We had a brief fuel stop in the desolate town of Amboy before making a beeline to our campsite inside the Mojave Preserve. The stars were just starting to poke through the purple twilit sky as we pulled our bikes into camp. We set up our tents, got a fire going, and settled down for a well earned dinner. We had been riding for over 10 hours and it felt good to pour a glass of whiskey and take a seat by the fire.


Back in Los Angeles people were dashing about in feverish preparation for Christmas: hanging up lights, braving crowded shopping malls, and entertaining relatives. We would have to return to that madness soon enough, but this evening we could kick back, have a laugh, relax, and start planning our next adventure.



Photography by: Sinuhe Xavier
Originaly published (1/11/14) on The Mighty Motor

Polaris Sportsman ATV with Airless Tires


The Sportsman WV850 ATV by Polaris is the first commercial vehicle of its kind to feature non-pneumatic tires.

Designed to handle the most rugged conditions, this vehicle is based off the already battle tested MV850 military ATV and features a durable steel exoskeleton, automatic forward single gear, 600 lbs of on rack carrying capacity, a 11.75 gallon fuel tank, and up to 1500 lbs of towing ability.

However, the most notable addition is the introduction of the Terrain Armor non-pneumatic tires. We first wrote about these new honeycombed tires back in late 2011, but they have now found their way into commercial use. Terrain Armor tires can never go flat, run out of air, shred, or puncture. Polaris is so confident in these tires, they’ve completely eliminated the standard onboard spare – freeing up precious space for additional cargo.

The Sportsman WV850 ATV is in a class of its own (at least for now) for apocalypse-surviving toughness. Limited quantities will soon be made available for a sticker price of $15,000.

For more information, visit Polaris website: www.polaris.com





Caterham Brutus 750


The Caterham Brutus 750 is designed to be the “SUV of motorcycles”.

The Brutus 750 is the first motorcycle by British car manufacturer Caterham and was recently announced at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan. The bike is designed to be the ultimate crossover vehicle that can function as a track day sports bike, off-road dual sport, and – with a bit of creative tinkering – a snowmobile.

Few details have been released as of yet, but Caterham stated they intend to make the Brutus 750 “affordable”. What that means, coming from a company that makes souped up roadsters for $25,000+, is anybody’s guess.

For more information check out their website : uk.caterhamcars.com


brutus-motorcycle-5-740x427  Brutus-Motorcycle-1-740x542 brutus-motorcycle-3-740x405

Ducati Dirtbike 1199 TeraCorsa


Portland-based MotoCorsa has transformed the Ducati 1199 Panigale S superbike into an off-road trail rider called the 1199 TerraCorsa.

Only in Oregon are people be crazy enough to take a $25,000 sport bike, designed specifically for racing on the track, and attempt to repurpose it for backcountry trails. However, the guys at MotoCorsa Ducati dealership are just those kind of people.

According to the general manager Arun Sharma, it didn’t take much to transform the bike: TKC knobby tires, modified disc brakes, raised suspension for added clearance, skid plate to protect the exhaust, and the requisite matted-out paint job.

No word yet from MotoCorsa on a price tag for their 1199 TerraCorsa, however it’s safe to assume it will be north of $25,000.

For more information check out their website at motocorsa.com

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ISAK 4X4 Iceland Adventures


Explore Iceland with ISAK 4×4′s Land Rover Defender tours and rentals.

ISAK was formed to offer visitors the opportunity to explore Iceland using fully modified all-terrain vehicles.  All of ISAK’s Land Rover Defenders have been outfitted for the harsh environment, with VHF long range radios, GPS navigation, a front bumper built for icy conditions, shovels, ropes, spot lights, and an engine mounted air compressor to adjust the vehicle’s tire pressures for different terrains.

You can explore the backcountry on your own, or on one of ISAK’s guided tours, which, for those unfamiliar with the rigors of overland travel, would definitely be the best place to start.

For more information visit: isak.com





Birds-Eye View of Snow Drifting

Depending on the conditions, driving sideways can either being terrifying or completely joyous.  This is one of the joyous occasions.

Guido Tschugg, a Ghost Mountain Bike professional, spends the afternoon “exploring” his backyard with his Mitsubishi Evo. Slipping and sliding over the snow covered pastures, Tschugg kicks up some serious powderspray while “aerating the soil.”

The aerial portion of the video was filmed using remote controlled rig by AirV8, with static shots and editing provided by Mario Feil. Music courtesy of Ok Go.


Smittybilt Gear Jeep Rucksack


Turn your Jeep’s seat into a high-capacity rucksack with Smittybilt Gear. Their G.E.A.R. Seat Covers functions can a multi-compartmental modular storage unit as well as a protective seat cover. Storing all of you possessions in plain sight (inside your soft top jeep) might be asking for trouble in the city, but out in the backcountry it could by quite handy.

To find out more about Smittybilt’s G.E.A.R. Seat Covers, visit their website smittybilt.com

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Triumph Tiger x ICON 1000

Coursing with male-machismo, the word “tactical”, and a hyper-fixation on the coming zombie-apocalypse, the Dromedarii is Portland-based Icon 1000‘s custom rendition of a Triumph Tiger 800XC.  To transform this perfectly reasonable adventure bike into a hell-fire Afrika Korp death-machine, Icon 1000 replaced the plastic fairings with steel, incorporated an oversized bespoke fuel tank, auxiliary fuel cells, and a front and rear racks. All of which, have been painted the requisite matte desert tan.

So if you’re looking for a really serious motorcycle, and we mean so serious that you don’t find anything disconcerting about Icon 1000 Gulf War inspired promo video for it, then the Dromedarii is definitely for you.

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