Deer Head Bookshelf


The Deer Head bookshelf by Finland-based BeDesign is a conceptional take on a traditional trophy head.

The bookshelf was inspired by the wild deer of the forest, with their impressive stature and majestic nature. Unlike those found hanging from a huntsmen’s lodge, this wall fixture is far more practical and can be used for storing books, magazines, and other small items. It’s a sturdily built from solid oak but remains lightweight thanks to its airy shelves.

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Tri Light Desk Lamp


From Australian designer Aaron Leahy, the Tri Light Desk Lamp is part art decor and part functional task lamp.

Aside from the Tri Light’s unusual aesthetic, it also features a uncommon user interface. There are no external switches, instead it is turned on and off by tilting the lamp forwards like a lever. The linear LED light is both powerful and energy efficient and is able to provide up to 25,000 hours of light.

Models are available in dark grey or white. To purchase check them out on


tri-light-04 tri-light-03

Cork Globe


The Cork Globe lets you track your past adventures or plan your next one.

This 10 inch cork globe, with its simple world map, lets you pinpoint the cities you’ve visited or the ones you’re planning on seeing next. The globe is mounted on a stainless steel base and comes with a supply of pins.

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Mon Oncle Portable BBQ


If James Bond were to barbecue, this portable briefcase unit by RS Barcelona is what he’d be grilling on.

The Mon Oncle portable BBQ is the work of Spanish design company RS Barcelona, who specialize in transforming every-day essential items into modern and luxurious works of art. For the Mon Oncle portable BBQ, they combined the functional of a small hibachi style grill with a clean vintage look of a briefcase. With perforated holes on all sides,  the unit it quick to get up to cooking temperature as well as quick to cool when finished.

It’s a functional yet discreet grill that can be easily brought to the beach or city park. In addition to being easy to cary and store, it can also be quickly dismantled and cleaned.

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Bike All Bike Shelf


The Bike All bike shelf by Board by Design allows you hang up any bike.

Unlike other bike shelves that only work if you have a bike with a straight top tube, the Bike All shelf uses the seat so you can hang any type of bike. Streamline your prep time by storing riding essentials in one place. Featuring two under-shelf hooks for helmets or jackets, the catch-all top shelf provides space for bike lock, bike pump, spare inner tubes, etc.

Available in Ash or Walnut, the Bike All comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. Dimensions: Top Shelf: 20″W X 16.5″D

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Escape Mobile Cabin


The Escape Mobile Cabin RV isn’t you’re typical trailer park doublewide.

While technically classified as a Park Model RV, which allows for it to be delivered on wheels to you fully assembled, the Escape Mobile Cabin RV is more of a sleek one-bedroom cabin. It features a built-in bed, bathroom with walk-in title shower, and full kitchen with optional stainless appliances, a main living room with vaulted ceilings, window wall, fireplace, and optional screened in porch.

Ideal for a backcountry escape cottage, guest cabin, or even a small home. Whatever you want to us it for, it’s surprisingly affordable with models starting at $79,000.

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Lotus C-01


With a futuristic look, the Lotus C-01 motorcycle is the latest from renowned automotive designer Daniel Simon.

Daniel Simon has done work for Lamborghini and Bugatti in the past, and was the designer behind the Lightcycle in the 2010 remake of Tron as well as the Bubbleship in the 2013 film Oblivion. This blend of real world practicality and imaginative sci-fi vision can be readily seen in the Lotus C-o1.

For the power planet, KTM RC8′s 200hp V-Twin engine was selected and was combined with a 6 gear transmission and a traditional chain drive. Inverted carbon forks have been fitted in the front while twin adjustable shock absorbers handle the load in the back. Twin-disc front brakes and a single-disc rear brake give the bike it’s stopping power. However, the main aesthetic appeal of the bike is its carbon fiber body work and extremely long wheel base.

Lotus does not yet have a price listed, although they have stated that they will be limiting production to only 100 bikes globally.

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Tipi Shelving System


The Tipi modular shelving system is a versatile storage solution with a unique aesthetic.

Whether it be a desk, book shelf, or wardrobe, the Tipi shelve can be adapted for nearly any purpose. The cone shaped design means that the shelves are set by gravity, without needing to be attached. The lowest birch plywood shelf has a drawer that can fit a laptop when functioning as a desk, while upper plywood shelves can added or removed to suit your needs.

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Fogo Island Inn


Tucked away from the world on a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland, the Fogo Island Inn is a Nordic style hotel and spa.

Designed by Saunder Architecture of Norway, the Fogo Island Inn is positioned on stilts along the picturesque coastline.  Dozen of narrow columns support the protruding ends of the building, which helps to minimize the impact on the surrounding rocks, lichens, and plants. One side of the building contains a series of public facilities, including an art gallery, library, cinema, gym, and various meeting areas. A deck on the roof of the building offers saunas and outdoor hot tubs with views of the North Atlantic.

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Travel Journal Leather Cover


This leather Travel Journal cover by Just Wanderlust is a great way to collect your thoughts while on the road.

The Travel Journal Cover is made from premium leather and waxed thread and is perfect for carrying a Moleskine or similarly sized notebook like Field Notes. It also has plenty of pockets to accommodate a phone, pencil, passport, and any other paper mementos you collect. It comes with a leather strap with a buckle to keep contents fully secured.

For visit Just Wanderlust‘s shop on Etsy

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