Viks Anniveloversary


Similar in style to the Viks fixed gear commuter, the “Anniveloversary” edition utilizes negative space for a striking new profile.

Designed by Estonian engineer Indrek Narusk and owner of Velonia Bicycles, this special edition urban commuter draws inspiration from cafe-racer motorcycles and classic streamlined aesthetics.  It’s made from robust stainless steel tubes and features a reinforced cantilevered seat. The unique construction joins the head tub and bottom bracket, while uniting the front fork and handlebar.

For more information about Velonia Bicycles or the “Anniveloversary” urban commuter, check out their website at:




Bookman Bike Cup Holder


Designed by Stockholm-based Bookman, the Cup Holder is a colorful solution for coffee loving cyclists.

The easy to install clamp design lets urban commuters attach the cup holder directly onto their handlebars. The rings are sized so that both small and large cups fit – just flip to the appropriate size. Set to be released in April, the cup holder will soon be available in black, white, red, and green.

For more information about the Bookman Cup Holder, visit their website:



Feddz Electric Bike


The perfect around town commuter, the German-designed Feddz Electric Bike offers plenty of storage room for running errands.

Shaped like a motorcycle, the Feddz Electric Bike uses the space that would typical hold a fuel tank and engine for additional cargo space. With two belts on either side for securing items, this space can hold up to 23 liters of storage.

Powered by a removable battery, which can be charged over night, the bike offers a range of 70-11o km. Add in a USB port to charge your phone while on the go and you’ve got one smart form of city transportation.

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Bunyan Velo


With its quarterly online publications, Bunyan Velo celebrates the sights and stories of those who have chosen to explore the world by bicycle.

Combining a travelogue style with gorgeous photography, even just a glance through Bunyan Velo’s pages is enough to fill any cyclist with uncontrollable wanderlust.  Their fourth installment has just been released online and features a variety of stories that span from Minneapolis to Morocco.

With 200 pages, 14 different adventures, and an unquantifiable amount of inspiration, this issue of Bunyan is definitely worth checking out. Read it for free here.

For more information about Bunyan Velo, check out their website at:

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Bike All Bike Shelf


The Bike All bike shelf by Board by Design allows you hang up any bike.

Unlike other bike shelves that only work if you have a bike with a straight top tube, the Bike All shelf uses the seat so you can hang any type of bike. Streamline your prep time by storing riding essentials in one place. Featuring two under-shelf hooks for helmets or jackets, the catch-all top shelf provides space for bike lock, bike pump, spare inner tubes, etc.

Available in Ash or Walnut, the Bike All comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. Dimensions: Top Shelf: 20″W X 16.5″D

For more information visit Board by Design’s website:




Hovenring Bike Roundabout


Combining smart design with an unwavering commitment to bicycle infrastructure, the Dutch have constructed the first suspended bike lane roundabout.

Known as the Hovenring, or “Ring of the Hovens” is an ode to the surrounding towns of Eindhoven, Veldhoven, and Meerhoven. This bicycle path roundabout was designed by IPV Delft and features a 230-foot tall central pylon, 1,000-ton steel circular bridge deck, and 24 steel suppoer cables. Aluminum lamellas, translucent sheeting, tube light, and LEDs keep the Hovenring lit up at night.





Railroad Tie Bike Rack

Railroadtie top

The Railroad Tie Bike rack is a unique, and incredibly sturdy, way to store your bicycle.

Rail Yard Studios have taken timber from railroad crossties and repurposed them for a custom bike rack that’s capable of holding up to four frames.  This structurally robust storage solution might be overkill for most lightweight carbon bikes, but it also doubles as an impressive piece of interior decor. The racks are available in an array of materials, including: maple, oak, hickory, elm, cherry, and beech wood.

For more information about the Railroad Tie Bike Rack, visit their website at:




The Loop Rubberized Bike Rack


The Loop is a rubberized bike rack designed to keep your bike frame scratch-free.

Ottawa-based design firm The Federal Inc recently unveiled the Loop, a new bike rack design, at the Toronto Interior Design Show. The concept consists of a high-strength steel chain wrapped in a thick layer of UV-resistant rubber, which in turn, is anchored to the ground with a steel base. Unlike other steel bike racks, the Loop won’t leave a scratch on even the most sensitive carbon frame.

The design is currently just a prototype. More testing needs to be done to see if the Loop will be able to hold up outdoors for an extended period of time and handle the wear-and-tear of high usage.  However, if all should go well, this type of design could be replacing bike racks near you.

For more information about the Loop, check out The Federal Inc.’s website:




Urushi Bicycle – Vanhulsteijn x Sotheby’s

The Urushi Bicycle is the result of a collaboration between Dutch bike manufacturer Vanhulsteijn and Sotheby’s New York.

Designed by Herman van Hulsteijn at his Arnhem-based workshop, the Urushi Bicycle is based off one of his uniquely styled steel frames. With its curved seat tube and arched top tube the bike’s saddle looks to be perched at the edge of a precipice, making the rider appear to be floating in air.

Using this frame as his base, Herman worked with two Russian artists who specialize in an ancient Japanese lacquer technique called Urushi to finish the frame. The process consists of lacquering over individually laid pieces of gold leaf. It’s a painstaking, labor-intensive process, but the final result is a magnificently vibrant finish with a rich golden hue. And since the gold lead is hand laid, no two bicycles are exactly alike.

A total of nine of these bicycles have been made, and they are to be sold through Sotheby’s New York.

For more information, visit

The Nutter Multi-tool


After their successful kickstarter campaign, the Nutter multi-tool by Full Windsor is now available.

The Nutter is available in either a brown or black leather pouch and includes: nylon tire lever, 15mm box head spanner, spoke key, 3,4,5,6,8, hex tool bits, philips and flat head screw drivers, T25 torx bit, magnetic tool bit extender, and most importantly, a bottle opener. All the essentials to get you back going when you’re on the road.

For more information about the Nutter visit Full Windsor’s site:



The Nutter – The Next Generation Of Bicycle Multi Tool from Rob Antill on Vimeo.