Frame Folio by Hard Graft


The Frame Folio by Hard Graft is the most stylish way to keep your documents in order on two wheels.

Designed to hang from your bicycles top tube, the Frame Folio is able to hold your tablet, books, magazines, papers, and other traveling goods. Outfitted with color-coded zippers, it’s various compartments have been laid out to keep your items organized. When you arrive at your destination, its straps double as a handle or can be simply wrapped around the bag.

For more information about the Frame Folio by Hard Graft, check out there website.






PatchnRide Tire Repair Kit


The PatchnRide is a portable tire repair kit that can quickly and permanently patch most flat tires.

Designed to eliminate the need to carry a spare tube and tire removal tools, the Patchnride can patch just about any flat in 60 seconds. Just locate the leak, remove any debris, and then insert the Patchnride into the tire and push the button to release the Air Seal Patch, which forms a permanent seal inside your inner tube. All you need to do is pump the tube back up and you’ll be ready to go.

For more information on how the Patchnride works, check out their website:

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Grippine by Sovrappensiero


The Grippine by Sovrappensiero Design Studio can turn any bicycle pedal into a non-slick, friction pad.

Made from a silicone shell with deep ridges, the Grippine can be easily installed on any bike pedal. No need for screws or bolts, just slip the flexible cover around your existing pedal. The material and texture ensures a firm grip between the the sole of your shoe and the pedal. Perfect for slick bottomed dress shoes or on wet, rainy days.

For more information about the Grippine by Sovrappensiero Design Studio, check out their crowd funding campaign here:
sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-designboom-03 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-designboom-02


CycloCable Bicycle Lift


Norwegian CycloCable is the world’s first bicycle lift designed for urban areas.

The first functional prototype was built in 1993 in Trondheim Norway. During its 15 years of operation, it has pushed more than 200,000 cyclists up the 130 meter long Brubakken hill. In no time at all, the bike lift became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

In 2013, the prototype lift was upgraded to meet new safety regulation. The new industrialized version was named CycloCable and will start to be introduced into international markets by French cableway company SKIRAIL.

The CycloCable is technically very similar to a ski lift, however most of its mechanics are placed underground. The layout is concealed so that pedestrians and other vehicles may cross over it safely. Riders place their right foot on the start station, where a footplate softly launches and pushes the rider uphill.

For more information about the CycloCable, check out their website:



Faux-Wooden Bike by Velonia


The new WOODaLIKE 1 is a faux-wooden version of Viks popular Velonia urban commuter.

Estonia-based Viks collaborated with Netherlands-based WOODaLIKE to give the steel frame of the Velonia a woodgrain texture that imitates real wood. This gives the bike a raw, natural aesthetic while keeping the strength and durability of steel. The WOODaLIKE 1 will definitely get a lot of seconds looks, but only those that get close enough to touch it will discover the illusion.

For more information about the WOODaLIKE 1, check out:




Argonaut Tool Roll by StrawFoot


Argonaut collaborated with Strawfoot Handmade to make this simple, durable tool pouch for cyclists.

Constructed using domestically produced waxed cotton, a leather strap, and nickel plated buckle, these tool rolls are designed to carry everything a cyclist needs to make common roadside repairs. Sized to be carried in a jersey back pocket or strapped to the rails of your saddle, the kit has enough room for a spare inner tube, multi-tool, patches, Co2, and ultimate fixer, cash.

A very limited edition of these roll were produced, so head over to Argonaut before they are all gone:

P1000732 P1000702

Ringtool by Reductivist


Conceived as an ultra-light solution for cyclist commuters, the Ringtool by Reductivist lets you do more while carrying less.

A super compact alternative to full size tool kit or even foldable multi-tools, the Ringtool is designed to be carried on any standard keyring so it’s always on-hand for minor repairs or adjustments.

Not only is the Ringtool portable, but it’s nearly indestructible. The hardened stainless steel is a favorite among trusted tool brands for its balance combination of strength and corrosion resistance. With such a simple and solid design, the Ringtool offers a lifetime warranty.

The Ringtool features the following: Bottle-cap opener, 3mm Hexhead, 4mm Hexhead, 5mm Hexhead, 6mm Hexhead, 8mm Hexhead, Flathead Driver, Phillips Driver, Torxhead T25 Driver, Spoke wrench for 130” (3.30mm) nipples, Spoke wrench for .136” (3.45mm) nipples

For more information about the Ringtool, check out Reductivist’s website:





ICEdot Crash Sensor


The ICEdot Crash Sensor mounts to any bicycle helmet and can detect a critical impact that might leave the rider incapacitated.

This small, lightweight device pairs with an app running on your smart phone via Bluetooth. When it detects a critical force, the Crash Sensor triggers your phone to sound an alarm and alert your pre-specified emergency contacts via a text with your GPS coordinates.

This type of next level safety feature is being integrated into many top-of-the-line helmets. But now you can get the same type of advanced functional with you current helmet.

For more information about the ICEdot Crash Sensor, check out their website:

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Cylo One Urban Commuter


The Cylo One incorporates a range of useful urban cycling features into a streamlined and stylish bike.

Designed to be easily carried up or down stairs, the Cylo One has been crafted from a lightweight aluminum frame and uses a carbon belt drive to keep your pants free of grease.  Its high visibility orange color makes it easy for other drives to spot, while its fully-integrated dynamo-powered light system illuminates the road at night.  Another innovative feature is the addition of a bright rear brake light, which communicates your intentions as a rider to nearby cars as you begin to slow.

The only non-commuter friendly feature on the bike is the price tag. With models ranging from $1850 to $3150, the Cylo is geared more towards those who would like to embrace a lifestyle than those looking to reduce their transportation costs.

For more details about the Cylo One, head over to their website:

[ Via Ben Barnes of the AETHERsf team]

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Argonaut Cycles @ AETHERnyc


Join us April 25th, 6pm-9pm for an evening of custom carbon with Ben Farver, founder of Argonaut Cycles.

The event is open to the public and will feature Ben’s NAHBS Award winning Gravel Racer, an Argonaut video premier, and a short Q&A. Complimentary drinks will be served.

13 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10013

April 25th