Aether Chasing Winter – Park City Again (Day 5)

Park City Sign2 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Winter Storm Walda was showing no signs of letting up this morning, dumping another 6-8 inches during the night. We had intended to start our trek up to Jackson Hole today, but it looked like we were going to be snowed in for a while longer.

We all met early  at a coffeeshop to discuss our options and decided to ski the morning, when the snow would be the best, and see if things warmed up in the afternoon. With little delay, we were on the chairlift headed to the top of the mountain.  The temperature drop during the night had taken all the moisture out of the snow, turning it into a fine dusty powder. Fresh powder in April, we couldn’t believe our luck. 

The atmosphere on the hill was near euphoric.  With 1-2 feet of fresh powder covering just about every run, people could hardly contain their excitement. In line at the lift, everyone was hooting and hollering as they finished up their runs.  Shouts of encouragement came frequently from the chairlift as skiers passed below. Even the occasional wipeout elicited warm-hearted cheers from all around.  Every local we spoke to unanimously agreed, this was by far the best day of the entire season.

Around 2:00 PM the sun started to come out and while we were having an absolute blast, we decided to come back down to see how the roads were shaping up. For the most part they were starting to clear, but the temperature was still hanging around the mid-20′s.  We took the bikes out for a brief test ride around town, but concern over icy conditions forced us to return.  We would have to wait another day to see if riding conditions improved.

The weather forecast indicated there would be a window tomorrow. The temperatures would rise into the high 30′s and the skies should be clear for Wednesday, but then return back to a freezing wintery mix on Thursday. We would have to make the trip up to Jackson Hole in one shot, something we had not anticipated doing. So until then, we retired to the High West Saloon & Distillery to strategize  our plans for the next day. 

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Surly Bastads

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too cold to ride

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