Aether Chasing Winter – Moab to Park City (Day 3)

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Early to bed, early to rise. And rise we did, long before the sun got up.  The day’s agenda was to head north from Moab to Park City, but before we did, we couldn’t help but take a detour into the Arches National Park.

With tremendous effort we dragged ourselves from bed and onto our bikes as the skies started to fill with dawn light . While we had seen the iconic landscape in old westerns and Wile E. Coyote cartoons, seeing it in person was truly an otherworldly experience. Stone archways, narrow buttes, and sheer mesa cliffs of blazing red rock spanned across the horizon like the surface of a foreign planet. Captivated by the beauty of the park, we spent most of the morning exploring before heading back into town for a late breakfast.

In town, we got a weather update that a snow storm was moving into Park City earlier than we  had expected.  If we didn’t want to get caught riding through it, then we would really have to jam our way up there.  Not knowing what weather to expect, we suited up in our warmest gear and started our power blitz northwards.

The roads in Utah are straight, well-paved, and sparsely populated, which, to a group of motorcyclists trying to get someplace in a hurry, is an extremely enticing scenario. We won’t go into any incriminating details, but it highly possible we set a new land speed record for Moab to Park City.

As we pulled into Park City, the temperate had begun to drop and a light freezing rain started to fall. It definitely wasn’t the snow we were hoping for, but whatever it was, we were just happy not to be riding in it.We stay here in Park City and will see what the weather brings in the morning.

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