DIY Lowrider Wooden Bicycle


Inspired by model kits of his youth, Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers has created Sawyer, a low-rider beach cruiser that comes in a box ready-to-assemble. The innovative design won first place in the bicycle segment of the IDBC 2013 International Design Competition by iF in Taipei.

The bike is delivered in a 1:1 model kit with all the required parts to make it fully functional.  While it seems fairly evident that a jig-saw will be required to remove the wood pieces, it’s not entirely clear how the metal hardware are to be detached (oxygen acetylene cutting torch?)

*UPDATE: Thanks to the help of a fellow Aether Journal reader, it’s been made clear to us that the 1:1 kit featured below is a completely NON-FUNCTIONAL replica of an actual Sawyer low-rider. We knew something didn’t feel quite right….

[ Via Design Boom]

sawyer02 sawyer032 sawyer031


  1. mikelyden

    This is a nonfunctional 1:1 scale model building kit for a Sawyer lowrider model.
    “Despite that the wooden frame is an exact copy of the real Sawyer frame, this is an art project and it is not meant to be mounted as a bicycle.”