Road Runner Concept by Suhann


The Road Runner was designed by Suhann, a student at Shih Chien University of Industrial Design, in an attempt to combine the streamlined-aerodynamics of WWII aircrafts with a cafe-racer.

For this project, Suhann actually started with Honda Super Cub 90 and then proceeded to throw just about everything away. In order to give the bike a visually “light” appearance a custom frame was constructed to create a lot of negative space.

The upper volume is a tip-to-tail aluminum shell that houses the seat, electronic controls, and a small carrying compartment. The middle volume is the fuel tank, reminiscent of the bombs carried by old WWII planes. And the lower volume features a large aerodynamic duct to cool the horizontally mounted cylinder of the Super Cub.

A monoshock suspension was incorporated to clean up the overall look. Custom high-rise rear-set pegs were fitted to complete the low slung racing position of the bike.

To find out more visit it here:

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Roadrunner_Suhann_Super_Cub_Honda_Moto-Mucci (3)

Roadrunner_Suhann_Super_Cub_Honda_Moto-Mucci (4)  Roadrunner_Suhann_Super_Cub_Honda_Moto-Mucci (2)

Permanent Camping in the Australian Outback


On a golden hillside in New South Wales, sits a remote two-story cabin retreat designed by Sydney-based Casey Brown Architecture. 

This copper-clad structure was initially conceived as a permanent camp for extended getaway trips and has turned into somewhat of a remote outpost.  Its 3×3 meter footprint lends itself to a minimal lifestyle, with a cozy loft and small kitchen with a wood fired stove. Water is collected on the roof and stored in a nearby water tanks during the outbacks occasional rain showers.

To allow for greater airflow, copper panels open on three sides to create overhead verandahs. When not in use, these side-panels are lowered and act as armor against potential wildfires – a common problem in this arid part of the world.

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Stoopid Tall Bike

The creativity of the LA bike scene was on display across the board during the sixth CicLAvia bike festival, but Richie Trimble took the cake with his Stoopid Tall bike.

Trimble debuted his 14.5 foot-tall custom made cruiser at the city-wide bike festival and quickly earned the title of King of CicLAvia. From high atop his perch, he got a bird’s eye view for the entire 15 mile route, which brought him close enough to touch street signs and the undersides of highway overpasses.

Over the course of his ride, Trimble brought a smile to some, and sweaty-palms to others. He ended his high-flying ride at the end of the Venice Pier without incident, although from the video it appears there were more than a few close calls.

[LA Street Blog]


StoopidTall-Hal-Bergman5  Richie-and-Tall-bike

Carrera Premium Foldable Helmet


A modern update to the leather strap helmets of the past, the premium Foldable Helmet by cycling stalwart Carrera is an innovative new look for urban cycling.

This compact, collapsible helmet features Carrera’s patented flexible frame that adapts to the contours of your head. The unique design allows for exceptional airflow to keep your head dry and cool without any compromise to overall safety. When not in use, the Foldable Helmet can be quickly and easily collapsed to fit in your bag.

To find out more about Carrera’s foldable Helmet, visit their website 

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carrera-premium-foldable-helmet-4 carrera-premium-foldable-helmet-3 carrera-premium-foldable-helmet-2

Handpresso – Portable Espresso Machine


Even the most rugged outdoor types need a good cup of coffee in the morning to get going. Now with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine, you’re free to explore what little of the world there is not in walking distance of a Starbucks.

The Handpresso is simple, light, and compact, with no batteries or electricity needed, which makes it ideal for travel. To generate the stem pressure, the device functions like a traditional bicycle pump and allows you to generate up to 16-bars of pressure. Just add hot water and coffee and you’re in business.  You’ll have to provide your own stemmed milk for your cappuccino though.

Pick up one for your next glamping adventure on Amazon for $139.00

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Hyperlapse Google Street View

Launched in 2007, Google Map’s Street View is still one of most impressive features of the internet today. Being able to cruise down the streets of your hometown or explore a city on the other side of the world, from the comfort of your desktop, is still pretty awesome.

Now Canadian agency Teehan+Lax has created a patch called Hyperlapse, that takes all those individual street view frames and weaves them together to create a seamless road trip.  Choose your own start and end point and watch the scenery go by at 60 frames per second.

The experience is best on Chrome and will require processor speed faster than a graphic calculator. Check it out at

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Warby Parker at AETHERsf Wednesday (4/24)


Nothing complements a great outfit like a stylish pair of glasses. That’s why we’re so excited to host Warby Parker this Wednesday (4/24) at our AETHERsf location at The Proxy.

Warby Parker took notice of our AETHERstream mobile shop while we were in NYC and has since developed an equally rad mobile showroom of their own – using a school bus! They’ve recently been on the road for a “Class Trip” and will be spending some time in San Francisco for the next couple weeks.

To celebrate, we’re co-hosting a party Wednesday 5:00PM to 8:00PM.  So come by AETHERsf to check out both of our retail spaces, try on some new styles, and enjoy free pizzas courtesy of Casey’s and macarons by Miette. See you there!

489 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

warby-parker-lead-11062012-thumb-620xauto-46691 Warby Class Trip Inside 2 -635

Audi 848 Motorrad Roadster Concept


Ever since Audi bought Ducati a year ago (Actually Lamborghni, which is owned by Audi, which is owned by VW, bought Ducati, but whatever…) there has been speculation about how the high-end German car company would work with the high-end Italian motorcycle company.

Now, just for fun, a bunch of French designers, Thibault and Marc Devauze and Clement Couvreur, have come up with a concept model of an Audi roadster. Their sleek design is based on a Ducati 848 engine with elements of Ducati’s Hypermotard and Monster.

With Ducati’s expertise with carbon fiber and Audi’s Direct Shift Gearbox, the prospect of a cross-breed motorcycle like this 848 Motorrad Roadster is not all that far fetched. As some will remember, Audi-owned DKW was once the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.  

Only time will tell if Audi actually intends to start work on an Motorrad division, or, if the $980 million purchase of Ducati was just deft move by VW to mitigate EU regulations that have been penalizing Lamborghni for excessive carbon emissions.

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Restaurant Vidikovac at Ski Center Radusa


Designed by Croatian firm 3LHD architects, the restaurant Vidikovac at Ski Center Radusa is situated in the scenic Uskopaljski Valley.

The low-profile pavilion was inspired by the concept of a lookout. Visitors can take refuge from the icy cold by gathering around large, open fireplaces while enjoy food and beverages. Like many mountain roundhouses, the interior is finished with warm woods to contrasts the stark white outside.

To find out more about Restaurant Vidikovac and the unlikely skiing in Croatia visit the their website 

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$250 Million Monaco Penthouse


Designed for the sole purpose of rubbing everyone else’s face in it, this Monaco penthouse is the ultimate display of cash-infused hubris.

Nestled atop a 49-story building, the 33,000 square foot multi-leveled apartment features a water slide from the second level balcony that takes you straight into the infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

As of right now the Tour Odeon penthouse is still under construction but it is slated to hit the market in 2014.   If everything goes off as planed, it will be the most expensive penthouse ever listed with an asking price of $250 million.

So if you start saving $25,000 dollars a year, it will only take you 10,000 years to be able to afford it.

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