World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard


Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, Signal Snowboards has teamed up with tech company GROWit to make the first 3D printed snowboard.

Unlike traditional methods of shaping snowboards, this board was created from a carbon mixture that was printed layer by layer. Due to current size limitations of the printer, the board had to be printed in multiple sections, which were later pieced together like a puzzle. After getting a sealant coat of resin and a few reinforcing metal supports, the Signal team took the board out for a spin in the powder of Colorado.

Without a doubt, the current 3D printing technology still has a lot of limitations. However, it’s not hard to imagine this being the future method of mass production.

See a video of the whole process, start to finish, here. 




  1. Chun Mak

    Where are the steel edges? It might be OK for powder, but don’t try it on the slopes of Killington.