Ultralight Snowboard Carry System


The Function Ultralight Ski & Snowboard Carry System ($40) makes hauling cumbersome snowboards and skis a lot easier.  Weighing a scant 84 grams (about as much as an iPhone) this carrying system is made of Mil-spec Nylon webbing and Hypalon edge protectors. Two different styles allow for a backpack (snowboard) or bandolier (skis) configuration. When not in use, the Function Ultralight straps fit into an included Tyvek stuff sack that measures 3.5″ by 4.5″. Essentially small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

[ via Uncrate via Function-Snow.com]




  1. Erma Butts

    Wow! It’s so beautiful to ski! Thanks for sharing your video. LOve your suits and it’s great that you carry the so comfortably.. :)

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