World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard


Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, Signal Snowboards has teamed up with tech company GROWit to make the first 3D printed snowboard.

Unlike traditional methods of shaping snowboards, this board was created from a carbon mixture that was printed layer by layer. Due to current size limitations of the printer, the board had to be printed in multiple sections, which were later pieced together like a puzzle. After getting a sealant coat of resin and a few reinforcing metal supports, the Signal team took the board out for a spin in the powder of Colorado.

Without a doubt, the current 3D printing technology still has a lot of limitations. However, it’s not hard to imagine this being the future method of mass production.

See a video of the whole process, start to finish, here. 




Aether Journal Issue 02


The Aether Journal Issue 02 is now available. Check out articles about urban bike shelves, the Oru foldable kayak, rock climbing legend Beverly Johnson, the making of AETHERsf, and much more!

Sign up for your free digital copy today here:

Skyhang with Ukrainian Daredevil Mustang Wanted


Skywalking is one of the latest trends to come out of Russia, a country known for wild freeway meleesDIY bungie jumps, and guys sitting on top of explosive barrels. Participants of skywalking climb to the highest point they can find and take pictures of themselves standing as close to the edge as possible. The images from these stunts are completely vertigo-inducing.

Now a Ukrainian daredevil is taking the concept one step further by actually hanging himself over the side, which is being described as skyhanging. Known only as Mustang Wanted, the 26-year old thrill-seeker has a series of photographs of him dangling off the side of skyscrapers, scaffolding, and radio antennas.  For those who suspect these images must be photoshopped, we invite you to watch a couple of his videos.

To find out more about this high-flying individual, check out his website:

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Kayak 1 by McLellan Jacobs


Entering into the burgeoning luxury kayak market, Kayak 1 is a collaboration between New Zealand designer Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs.

This lightweight, single person recreational vessel features a minimalist design fused with rich materials. Built using carbon fiber by America’s Cup boat builders in New Zealand, Kayak 1 weighs in at a scant 36 lbs. Teak and Ash wood detailing comes from the country’s most highly regarded furniture maker.

Kayak 1 can also be ordered in a variety of finishes and materials, depending on the clients preference, thus making it a truly bespoke piece of marine equipment.

No price has been released as of yet, but we’re certain it will be just as extravagant as the Kayak 1 itself. Check out all the details at




Wood Bike by Yojiro Oshima


It’s not entirely made of wood, but it’s close enough. For Yojiro Oshima’s final project at Musashino Art University he decided to design this sculpted wooden bicycle. His goal was to incorporate the benefits of a beam frame and standard frame. To do this, the short cantilevered seat beam was specially designed with the intent of reducing overall impact.

Not only is the frame beautifully crafted, but Yojiro added flowing wooden handlebars with swept back armrests. He also created a uniquely designed baton wheels with an arc between the spokes and rim to soften the ride.

While it will probably see limited road time, the bike is nonetheless a beautiful combination of art and function.

[ via Core77]

Yojiro-Oshima-wood-bike-handlebar Yojiro-Oshima-wood-bike-2


Multi Tool Wallet


From multi-tool keychains to multi-tool hammers, it seems nobody can be satisfied with a single-use device anymore. The latest iteration of multifunctional tools is the MULTI, which aims to pack as many uses into a minimalistic metal wallet as possible.

The creators of the MULTI  have devised 12 unique functions: a flat or Phillips head screwdriver, nested wrench (SAE or metric), a two-inch ruler, a bottle opener, a twist top opener, a wing nut wrench, a smartphone tablet stand, can top popper, a box opener, keychain, and most obviously a wallet.

MUTLI has already reached it’s goal Kickstarter, so if you want get in on the ground floor head over and get one of the first models.   It’s available in two options, aluminum model for $40 and titanium for $75.

[ via Gizmag via Kickstarter]

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21 Swings


21 Swings is a giant interactive instrument that uses swings to trigger different musical notes. Located in center of Montreal, Canada for Quartier des Spectacles, the swings are open to the public.  When the swings are used individually they produce single notes, but when they are used together melodies begin to emerge. Some combinations of notes can only be achieved with cooperation of all the swings.

Developed by Montreal collective Daily Tous les Jours, the project shows the positive effects that can come from people working together. It also highlights that no matter how old you are, swings bring out the kid in everyone.

[ via Design Boom]


balancoires06 balancoires05

Tree Camping


Not for the faint of heart or light of sleep, the Waldseilgarten adventure mountain resort in Bavaria Germany lets you spend a night up in the trees.

During the warm summer months the resort offers guests the ability to spend a night high above the ground in their very own portaledge, a platform tent system normally used by rock climbers on multiple day climbs.  This “hanging tent” is essentially a fabric covered metal frame with a top fly. It’s attached to a thick tree branch with a single rope and guests can only ascend and descend with assistance from the ground. So don’t drink a lot of water before bed.

Waldseilgarten offers a truly unique camping experience, however it doesn’t come cheap. A night sleeping in the trees on a portaledge will cost EUR250 ($336) per person.

For more information, visit their website:



Shelter Half


In good company indeed! Recently our good friend Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean stopped by to see our other good friend Davide Berruto of Environment Furniture to check out his new shop Shelter Half. The temporary marketplace is located in the up-and-coming design district along La Brea Avenue and features a wide range of American made goods.

The name Shelter Half is a combination of two symbols of collective action: the canvases tents set up by soldiers and the famous Tacoma coffeehouse of the same name that functioned as a gathering place for lively conversation. In a similar spirit, Shelter Half is part showroom and part salon.  A dynamic space that is more a forum on American craftsmanship than a traditional shop.

So if you’re in Los Angeles, stop by the beautifully arranged collection of Made in USA goods over at Shelter Half.

161 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

[ via A Continuous Lean via Shelter Half]

IMG_4594 IMG_4575 IMG_4611 IMG_4608 IMG_4597 IMG_4580

House NA


The House NA is open living at its very finest. Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, the house was made for a couple living in Tokyo and sits in stark contrast with the other concrete homes on the quiet residential block.

Not only is the house largely transparent, but it doesn’t adhere to tradition multiple story floor distinctions. Instead, it feels more like a modern tree house, with 21 individual levels situated at various heights and connected with steps, stairs, and ladders. Described as “a unity of separation and coherence” the House NA acts as both a single room and a collection of rooms. The house provides spaces of intimacy if two individuals choose to be close, while also allowing for a larger group to be distributed across the house.

[ via Design Boom]
1335764340-house-na-fujimoto-2760 1335764338-house-na-fujimoto-9183 1335764335-house-na-fujimoto-2953