All-Terrain DTV Shredder

Apparently the military passed on it, because the all-terrain DTV shredder by BPG Werks is now available for sale to the general public (as demonstrated by the intrepid short-wearing individual above). Now, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can now tear it up practically anywhere for the small price of $3,999

The DTV shredder was first announced back in 2010, but speculation about its potential military application delayed its release. Its aggressive off-road ability comes from its two rubber tank treads that are powered by a 196 cc, 4-stroke engine, generating 13 horsepower and propelling the vehicle to speeds of up to 30 mph. The rider steers the vehicle much like a skateboard, by leaning to one side or the other to increase tread friction.

The DTV is now available. For more information check out