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We posted a glimpse of late-fall surfing in New Hampshire a little while ago, but after watching another cut from the amazing guys at The Granite Stoke , this one of late-winter surfing, we just had to share.

With 10 degree weather, a few inches of fresh snow, and a damp wetsuit to greet you in the morning, just mustering the courage to get suited up is more than most people could imagine. However, braving the cold is in many ways its own reward, and one that New Hampshire surfers know all to well. No matter where they travel during their lives, they will always be drawn back.

Flemish Farm House


Located in the Belgian lowlands, this Flemish farmer house was designed by architectural firm ‘Wim Goes Architectuur“. Situated along the green banks of a nearby pond, the house is a picture of pastoral tranquility. Expanding over the water is a natural wood porch and dock, which, over time, will transform into timeworn grey patina.  This enclosed space also has a wood burning stove that lets you enjoy the outdoors even during the cool wet season.

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Laura-Bown02 Laura-Bown03 Laura-Bown04 Laura-Bown06

Eclipse X20 Tern Folding Bike

The Eclipse X20 Folding Bike by Tern Bicycles brings the folding bike concept closer to perfection than ever before.

Their N-Fold technology uses a uniquely designed frame and handlepost geometry that allows the front wheel to spin 180 degrees before the central fold. This allows for a cleaner, more compact end package that is so easy to unfold it can be done in under ten seconds.  A patented OCL Joint system makes for stronger, stiffer connections between moving parts, resulting in a lightweight frame that feels rock solid underneath you. Double truss, smooth tig welding, and physis handbar bars adds to the already extensive attention to detail displayed on the Eclipse.

With the Eclipse, Tern takes the folding bike concept out of the promising-yet-imperfect prototype phase and brings it closer to perfection.

Take a look for yourself at 

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tn-photo-eclipse-x20-fold-web url eclipse-x20-and-car

EGO Personal Semi-Submarine


Designed as the world’s first compact semi-submarine,“Ego” was created by the Korean design firm Raonhaje.

Currently in the prototype phase, the Ego allows passengers to observer the world beneath the waterline from a glass encased observation station. The semi-submerged pontoon boat is powered by 12 eight-volt marine batteries, and can get about 4-8 hours of use from a single charge. Designed for shallow water cruising, the EGO allows passengers to explore nearby reefs, marine life, submerged wrecks, or look for anything else of interest. (Search for the Jaguar Shark?)

We’re not sure where they got the name from, but for a company marketing a personal glass-bottom boat that will likely end up a play toy on some mega-yacht, we think it’s exceptionally fitting.

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Smittybilt Gear Jeep Rucksack


Turn your Jeep’s seat into a high-capacity rucksack with Smittybilt Gear. Their G.E.A.R. Seat Covers functions can a multi-compartmental modular storage unit as well as a protective seat cover. Storing all of you possessions in plain sight (inside your soft top jeep) might be asking for trouble in the city, but out in the backcountry it could by quite handy.

To find out more about Smittybilt’s G.E.A.R. Seat Covers, visit their website

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Waiting out the Winter

From Philadelphia motorcycle repair shop Cast and Salvage comes a homage to winter.  But this isn’t a tribute to the snow-covered winter wonderland, but the gritty grease-stained garage and cluttered basement workshop. It’s a dedication to a time of year when industrious craftsmen retreat to their warm little burrows to prepare for next year’s adventures. To the long hours spent in the shop with a well-worn sweatshirt, thermos of coffee, and underpowered space heater humming away at your feet. Planing new projects and tinkering with old ones.  Waiting, preparing for the weather to change.


The Port-a-Bach container home was created by Atelierworkshop Architects to allow you to take your home wherever you like.

The up-cycled shipping container offers portability, easy site access, and a robust frame. Folding outwards, the container opens up completely to make for a bright and airy living space. Atelier has also developed a prototype that uses the existing container connections to attach solar panels and a wind turbine to generate power.

The Port-a-Bach in not quite in production yet. Atelierworkshop is still looking for a partner to start mass producing the transportable homes.

Could look very nice next to our AETHERsf store.

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Into the Dark

Taking advantage of the dark and wet Pacific Northwest winter, Chromag rider Reece Wallace gets out for a little slushy downhill riding. While much of the country won’t be able to get out on the trails for another couple months, this type of early season teaser can work up some serious anticipation.

Filmed and edited by Rupert Walker.
Location: North Shore, British Colombia

Triumph Tiger x ICON 1000

Coursing with male-machismo, the word “tactical”, and a hyper-fixation on the coming zombie-apocalypse, the Dromedarii is Portland-based Icon 1000‘s custom rendition of a Triumph Tiger 800XC.  To transform this perfectly reasonable adventure bike into a hell-fire Afrika Korp death-machine, Icon 1000 replaced the plastic fairings with steel, incorporated an oversized bespoke fuel tank, auxiliary fuel cells, and a front and rear racks. All of which, have been painted the requisite matte desert tan.

So if you’re looking for a really serious motorcycle, and we mean so serious that you don’t find anything disconcerting about Icon 1000 Gulf War inspired promo video for it, then the Dromedarii is definitely for you.

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Halley VI Antarctic Research Station

The British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Antarctic Research Station will go online this month just 900 miles from the South Pole.

Halley VI is the most southerly research facility operated by the BAS and is located on the 150-meter thick Brunt Ice Shelf, which is floating towards the sea at 400 meters per year. In this harsh climate the sun does not rise above the horizon for 105 days during the winter, temperatures can drop to -68 F, and winds can buffet the site in excess of 100 miles per hour. Access by ship and plane is limited to a 3-month window during the summer.

However, the Hally VI has been uniquely engineered to overcome Antarctica’s inhospitable climate. Based off the award-winning design by Hugh Broughton Architects, the station features modular compartments, hydraulically raised supports, and attachable ski pontoons. Unlike other fixed research facilities, Hally VI can be reconfigured as needed, raised or lowered depending on snow conditions, and moved piece by piece when its section of ice drifts too close to the sea.

While being more expensive to built initially, the Hally VI will have a drastically increased lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

[ via HB Architects, Gizmag]