Trials Riding in Greenland

The Tourism Board of Greenland has partnered with Destination Arctic Circle to create a series of promotional videos called Rough. Real. Remote. They showcase the spectacular rugged terrain of Greenland, both in summer and winter.

This short features three friends, Petr, Arne, and Natasha as they travel during the relatively warm month of August. Petr is a professional trial bike rider for Red Bull  and takes to the local hills and glaciers like a springy mountain goat.

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Snowmobile in Slow Motion

Slow motion adds an exaggerated sense of grace to any movement. Something as simple as walking out the front door can be transformed into poetry when filmed at a high frame rate.  It also gives the viewer time to reflect and analyze the motion happening on the screen, a chance to quietly ponder to oneself, ” What the hell was that yahoo thinking?”

That is the case with Snowmobiles in Slow Motion. Both of the riders are undeniable skilled, but their technical proficiency is dwarfed by the complete reckless abandon with which they launch themselves through the air. These stunts often result in their snowmobiles crashing down on their sides or tilting back on them at the apex of a jump.

Here is another advantage of filming at 1500fps:  you can pin-point exactly when the rider realizes that things have transitioned “going well” to “not going well at all.”

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Lehmann Aviation

Drones! Drones for everybody!

People have been taking video footage from remote controlled helicopters and planes for years now, but to do so required a certain level of commitment on their part: namely learning to build, maintain and fly the highly temperamental crafts.  Now Lehmann Aviation has taken all the hassle out of unmanned aerial reconnaissance with their fully-automatic LA-100 model.

The LA100 is the world’s first aircraft designed for the users with absolutely zero piloting experience. Just attached a GoPro camera, connect the battery, launch it, and it will come back to you after 5 minutes of flight. A preset flight computer takes the light-weight aircraft to a height of 80m-100m and navigates it through a series of figure-eight coverage patterns.  The whole system comes ready to fly and costs only 990€ (GoPro not included)

Neighbors doing something interesting in their backyard? Want to see what goes on in that upscale gated community? Taking a road trip to Area 51? Lehmann Aviation has got just the solution for you.

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Bosco Verticale – A Forest in Sky

A forest in the sky: the Bosco Verticale project plans to integrate 2.5 acres of forest onto the exterior of two specially designed towers in Milan, Italy. As one of the most polluted cities in the world, the project aims to capture CO2 and dust from air and raise awareness for green urban design.

The two high density towers will have the capacity to hold 480 large trees, 250 small trees,  11,000 ground plants and 5,000 shrubs. It took over two years working with botanists to decide which types of vegetation would thrive at the various elevations.

The best thing about Bosco Verticale is that it’s currently being built. It’s not just some slick looking rendering created to tantalize your imagination about the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. It’s actually happening….in Italy, but still. It’s happening.

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AETHERsf is Now Open

AETHERsf is now officially open for business. Located at The Proxy in San Francisco, AETHERsf is our first stand-alone retail shop. It was constructed from three 8′ x 9.6′ x 40′ shipping containers and features a custom glass-encased cantilevered lounge, reclaimed oak floors, and a “dry-cleaner” style conveyor belt.

The store is a continuation of our design relationship with Thierry Gaugain, who was visual mastermind behind the AETHERstream, and a new partnership with architectural firm Envelop A+D. Chris French Metal provided all of the structural and architectural metal fabrication All construction work was sourced locally in San Francisco.

489 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Store hours:
Tues – Sat 11-7
Sun 11-6
Closed Monday

Birth of a Board

From the forest to the factory, Birth of a Board follows the life cycle of a snowboard. It begins with the hewing of a tree in Vermont, which is transferred to the Burton factory to be shaped, painted, and packaged. It is then shipped to sunny California where Shawn White gives it the worst decal job ever at his Hollywood Hills Chateau and then finally brought up to Lake Tahoe for a taste of fresh snow.

Also, it was shot entirely on a GoPro, in case, you know, you missed that…

Contemporary Kid’s Tree House

Kids these days. It use to be that a single 2×4 placed across two branches would qualify as a tree “house”.  Now, however, things have gotten a little more, shall we say, elaborate.  Take for example this custom designed treehouse in Tennessee, which is nicer than most studio apartments in Brooklyn.

This D.I.Y. structure was built from standard building material with a few luxury accents thrown in for flair. Duel level porch and deck, paned windows and door, and interior lighting.

An all-weather tree house does make some sense from a parenting stand-point. Even when it’s raining you can still tell the kids to get out of the house and play… inside their own house out in the backyard.

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AETHER SF [TEASER] from Aether Apparel on Vimeo.

As many of you may have already gathered from our Instagram account, we’re opening our very first retail store in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. And to whet your appetite, we’ve a got teaser for you!

If you’re in San Francisco tomorrow evening (Wednesday 1/23) , we’d like to welcome you to the official launch party of AETHERsf. Located at The Proxy at 489 Hayes Street, we will be serving complimentary food and drinks from local vendors and offering our full collection of clothing for sale. If you’re interested in attending send an RSVP email to Hayley at

AETHER SF Launch Party
Wednesday January 23rd
6PM to 9PM
489 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Also, stay tuned, we’ll be uploading a full behind-the-scenes video about the making of AETHERsf later this week.

Maison Boisset

Swiss architecture firm Savoiz Fabrizzi has renovated an existing alpine cabin into a mountain retreat with a contemporary flair.

Keeping within the local design aesthetic, they chose to keep the weather worn exterior intact – apart from installing some large panorama windows. However, on the inside they substituted the traditional cuckoo-clock-kitsch with a sleek modern design. Rich wood panels have been installed to give the space a warm coziness, but with clean minimal lines.

After a long day out on the snowy slopes, the Maison Boisset is as comforting a sight as you’ll ever see.

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City of Lights Timelapse

As this beautiful timelapse states in its opening, the city of lights is much more than a collection of luminescent bulbs. It’s a brightness of mind and spirit, a beacon of the arts, science, and philosophy. Each light represents the electrifying energy the city possess, which shine bright all through the night and into the dawn.

The man behind this wonderful video is Benjamin Trancart and all credits belongs to him for capturing these spectacular images.

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