Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain

“Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain” by  German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth may look like a roller coaster from a distance, but it’s actually an elevated walkway and stairs.

The 21 meter high sculpture was built on a hilltop in Duisburg, Germany and towers over the surrounding lowlands.  It’s metal arcs and bends give the impression of speed. Visitors can climb onto the sculpture where it meets the ground, but a loop-the-loop at the center prevents anyone being able to walk a full circuit.

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Coffee Bench

The Coffee Bench by Karolina Tylka is a bench, a table, or any combination of the two.  Designed in Poland, the Coffee Bench makes good use of space by allow the user to adjust the sections to create the furniture they need at the moment.

The all wood outdoor model is showcased here, but there is an indoor version as well that can be finished with leather of felt. Lengths are available from 1 to 3 meters.

To find out more about purchasing a Coffee Bench check out their website here: Serwantka.com

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Bicycle Tire Spikes

As the cold winter months approach, most cyclists put their bikes into long-term storage until more seasonable riding weather returns in the spring. However for those who commute to work by bike, this isn’t exactly an option. Or, if you’re like this guy, you might just like riding in the snow.

The main challenge with winter riding, aside from the frigid temperature, is lack of traction on the road. This is why Dutch designer Cesar Van Rongen developed attachable tire spikes. The spikes are made of six flexible parts that attach together with a metal wire that gets tightened onto the bike wheel. The spikes can be quickly attached or removed depending on the conditions, and can be folded into small compact travel bag.

Check out Cesar Van Rongen website for more info and tons of other innovative designs.

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Hot Tug Hot Tub

You would have never thought it, but Hot tub boats are now officially a trend.  It started with Hot Tub Boat in Seattle and has spread to Hot Tug in Rotterdam, Holland.

Combining the relaxation of a jacuzzi with the freedom of small craft water travel, the Hot Tug can comfortably take six to eight people on a scenic warm-water voyage.  An on board wooden stove keeps 2,000 liters of water at a balmy temperature through out the trip. When back at dock, the entire tub can be emptied using an included submersible pump.

The Hot Tug is now available on their website for sale for around $20,000.

For anyone still looking to get into the booming Hot Tub Boat industry, don’t be deterred just yet. The market is far from cornered. We guarantee there are tons more names out there, vastly more inspired then the current front runners.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

- From the entire Aether team

New England Blood

Known for its grey rocks and white mountains, New Hampshire’s eighteen miles of coast supports a surprisingly vibrant surfing community. Late season surfing requires dedication most anywhere, but in the frozen waters of New England surfing needs to be in your blood if you are to brave the harsh North Atlantic.

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Leap Motion

Computers have advanced exponentially over the past few years, yet the way we interact with them has remained largely the same. A keyboard and mouse are still the standard method of human input. That is all going to change with Leap Motion.

The new iPhone-sized device allows for complete 3D interaction with any computer with incredible precision. Two-hundred times more accurate than anything else on the market, the Leap can distinguish your individual fingers and track your movements down to a 1/100th of a millimeter.

Leap Motion is currently accepting pre-orders for the device, which is set to retail at around $70.

For more information visit their website: leapmotion.com.

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Update: Transparent Speaker by People People

Awhile ago we wrote about the Transparent Speaker by People People. Back then it was just an innovative concept. We were skeptical the production model would pan out to be viable (i.e. coordinating with local glass makers). However, it looks like they’ve gotten everything straightened out.

People People has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the first Transparent Speakers out the door. We’re excited to see such a great piece of design go from concept to execution.

If you are interested in getting your own Transparent Speaker, head over to Kickstarter and show them your support.

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The Making Of: The Element

Making of the Element:

Aether started out as a Men’s outerwear company, and was formed in reaction to our co-founders own frustrations while shopping. As outdoor enthusiasts living in the city, they felt there was a need for men’s technical performance jackets with a refined urban aesthetic. However, after our first season, they quickly discovered this combination not only struck a chord with men, but with women as well.

Instead of just making a Women’s version of our Men’s collection, we thought it best to go back to the drawing boards. While we wanted to combine the same performance and style that made our Men’s collection so popular, we also wanted to give specific consideration to the unique shape and fit required by women.

In searching for a jacket to be the backbone of this new collection, we started work on a project to make the ultimate women’s winter jacket.  Something refined enough for the city, but with enough technical features for the mountain. The result of that effort was The Element.

Designed for the coldest of conditions, we loaded the Element with 200 grams of PrimaLoft® One fill, the most highly insulated jacket we have ever made. This low-profile synthetic insulation delivers exceptional warmth without the bulk of a traditional down jacket – lending itself to a more sophisticated silhouette.

We used a soft 2-layer weatherproof shell for the exterior fabric, which has been completely seam-sealed to lock out the snow, sleet and rain. On the interior, the Element has been lined with a box quilted microfiber ripstop for a plush luxurious feel. The box-quilting also maximizes the amount of insulation that can be used while still remaining low volume.

In terms of technical features, we designed the Element with a 3-point adjustable hood for increased peripheral vision. We found this feature to be particularly useful when coming down the slope or crossing a busy city street.  Wind barriers in the cuffs and an insulated standing collar were incorporated to keep cold blasts of air out and your body heat in. We also added an interior D-ring for storing gloves.

With its clean design and refined tailored fit, the Element is an excellent choice for the city, but with its performance construction and technical features it’s also a great option for the mountain as well.  A versatile winter cross-over, the Element is designed for cold weather no matter the terrain.

Now available on our online shop.

NASA Imagery of Earth at Night

With the successful landing on the Curiosity Rover on Mars, 2012 has by all accounts been a pretty banner year for NASA.

Now, as the year comes to a close, they’ve released a couple spectacular high-definition images of our own planet from space. The images are composites of over 2.5 terabytes, which have been cleaned up to remove all natural light sources like atmospheric flares and auroras.

What’s left are the twinkling lights of our cities and towns, clustered together like stars in the night sky.

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