Book Bike by BYografia

With bicycle shelves and stands, designers are finding new ways to incorporate cycling into interior design of a room. Now from Italian design collective BYografia comes the Book Bike, a combination book shelve bike rack. This adjustable rack allows for a low profile vertical storage, which can be quite helpful in a small  apartment.

While the Book Bike does cut down on storage space, the combination of literature and cycling really doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. Now if the shelves were filled with bike tools and parts, which is totally possible, then maybe we’d be working with something. But based off the ostentatious product description on the BYografia site, we think the designers might spend more time romanticizing about bicycles than actually riding them, or,¬† just have a severe case of being Italian designers.

[ via Leveled via BYografia]

  1. darius baber

    were can i buy this