Fall in Central Park

As fall passes over New York, the deciduous trees in Central Park make a spectacular and brilliantly colored shift. This is normally observed at a very slow pace, day after day, morning after morning. However, photographer Jamie Scott has compressed this seasonal majesty down to an express three minute short film.

As far as timelapses goes, this one starts off familiar enough, but about thirty seconds in, things start to get really interesting. Here, Scott’s skill as a visual innovator really starts to come to light. The film was shot in 15 locations over a period of six months. Each shot was recorded with the exact same camera setting, lens, and tripod setup. So sit back and watch the fall foliage wash over you all over again.

To check out more of Jamie Scott’s rather noteworthy work, check out his website: invisiblejam.com

AETHER in NYC @ Pop-Up Flea V

Attention New York City: We will be attending the Pop-Up Flea V this weekend and you should too!

Come stop by the Drive-In Studios at 443 W. 18th Street ( between 8th and 9th Avenue) and check out tons of great brands, handpicked by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and Randy Goldberg of Kempt.

Get some of your holiday shopping done and try on some of our new winter gear. Hope to see you there!

Friday 3:00pm – 9:00
Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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La Quête d’Inspiration – Alexandre Deschaumes

What looks like a stunning best-of highlight reel is actually the trailer for a full 52 minute documentary about the work and philosophy of photographer Alexander Deschaumes. Deschaumes started taking photos back in 2003 and has been drawn to the rawness of the wild outdoors. He braves extreme weather and hazardous terrain with boundless enthusiasm in search of spectacular landscapes.

The documentary is titled “La Quête d’Inspiration” (The Quest for Inspiration) and was created by filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay. It is set to be released at the end of this year.

La Quête d’Inspiration was shot entirely with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II & III from autumn 2011 to autumn 2012 in the Alps, Patagonia, Iceland and Brittany.

To see more of Alexander Deschaumes’ awe-inspiring work check out his website.

[ via Infinity List]

AETHERstream | Dallas, TX

Looks like it’s going to be a Cowboy Christmas for us. The AETHERstream arrives in Dallas for the holiday season. Our fully stocked mobile store will be open for business at The Plaza at Preston Center from November 24th through December 28th. Come stop by to stock up on cold weather gear, check out the space, or grab a nip of whiskey.

The Plaza at Preston Center
8311 Preston Center Plaza Drive
Dallas, TX 75225

November 24th thru December 28th

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday – Sunday
(Closed Mondays)

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CyberMonday | Free SIGG Bottle and Gift Card Raffle

This is the last call for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday SIGG bottle give away and gift card raffle. From now (Monday) through the end of the day (also Monday), all orders are eligible for a free SIGG water bottle. Just write “SIGG” in the comment section of your checkout page (specify which color you would like: White or Black) This will also automatically enter you into our raffle for a $250 gift card.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving,

From all of us here at Aether.

The Treehouse

There’s just something about being raised 20 feet off the ground that brings back youthful memories of summer tree forts.  This adult-sized contemporary version was designed by Andreas Wenning from the architecture firm Baumraum, and simply called “The Treehouse”. Although it looks like the “tree” part of this house is just there for aesthetics.

The raised cabin features two units on different levels, connected by a walkway and staircase. The whole structure is held up on 19 angled steel stilts. Built with high efficiency electrical work and modern water purification system, the building has a minimal impact on the environment at large and the directly surrounding area.  Probably not as green as a couple of two by fours nailed into a tree though with a rope ladder leading up to it.

[ Via Huh]

Above the Clouds

Be above it.

This collection of photographs offers a different perspective to the typical overcast day. From the right vantage point, the billowing moisture below can look like a churning sea, rolling through the valley like the rising tide.

It’s a spectacular view that most anyone whose been on an airplane has had the chance to experience. Although, under the right conditions, hiking up the side of a hill or a nearby skyscraper might do the trick as well.

[ via Where Cool Things Happen]

The World’s Thinnest House

This might be greatest example of making the best of a tight spot. With only a tiny sliver of space to work with, Polish architect Jakub Szczesny designed this two story artist residency in an alleyway in Warsaw, Poland.  Perched 10 feet off the ground, the structure is only 4 feet wide and 33 ft deep. Despite its limited space, it features a complete bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

However, due to the housing regulations, the space has been deemed too small to live in for longer than 7 days, which is just odd to us.  Not to worry though, the Foundation of Polish Art uses it as a temporary housing, switching out visitors on a regular basis.

[ via Huh]

Sahn Helmets

One of the greatest deterrents for urban cyclists has always been the helmet. Everyone agrees you should probably wear one, well, except this guy, but even so, many people are reluctant to wear one on because they’re just sort of, you know, dorky.

For years, urban cyclists have been searching for a helmet that will not only keep them safe, but look stylish as well.  The need is so high that its led to a variety of unorthodox approaches, including the Hovding airbag system – which we personally think is ridiculous. However there now looks like there might be at least one worthy contender: the stylish helmets from SAHN.

SAHN was started by Matt Kelly and Sen-Huy Tan in Vancouver, BC. for people who want to ride, not race. Their classic helmet was designed for people who may or may not define themselves as cyclists, but have a desire to look better while moving in and around the urban landscape.

The clean lines, low profile, and minimalist approach of the SAHN Classic makes it an ideal choice for urban riders. Instead of trying to disguise the helmet, which many have taken to doing, SAHN just designed a bike helmet that looks good all on its own.

You can check out their collection and read more about the company at: Sahn.cc

[ Via Sahn.cc]