Aerial Photography of Iceland

Like oil paint lazily dragged across a blank canvas, these aerial photographs of Iceland capture streaks of meandering color against a stark background. The volcanic forces that helped shape the north Atlantic island are still hard at work, which can give the landscape an otherworldly appearance when observed from above. Photographed by Andre Ermolaev, these images show a river as it makes its way through the volcanic sands, all the way to the ocean.

He describes Iceland as “…an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns…” And from all we have seen so far, we have no reason to think otherwise.

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Tesla Supercharge Stations

Electric luxury car manufacturer Tesla Motors has announced the launch of a new network of rapid charging stations that will connect major road corridors across the country.  Given the current lack of infrastructure, the largest draw back for any electric vehicle is range. If the batteries run out before you can get home to recharge, you’re out of luck.  While Tesla’s Model S already has an pretty impressive 300 mile range, which can handle most intra-city travel, it’s not nearly enough for a Los Angeles to San Francisco road trip.

This is where Tesla’s new Supercharger stations come into play. Strategically placed along heavily traveled routes, the stations will extend a drivers range and eventually open up the entire country for all-electric travel. Unlike previous EV power station concepts, the Supercharger stations address the issue of “charge time” by using new high speed charge technology. When unloading at full bore, the Supercharge station can pump 90kW of power into the car’s battery, which is nearly 5 times as fast as Tesla’s already peppy  home charging station.

This lightning bolt of energy means a Model S can go from completely drained to full charge in 30 minutes. While it’s a bit longer than filling up a traditional gas tank, it’s roughly on par with a normal road trip pit stop if you factor in stretching your legs, going to the bathroom, getting a cup of coffee, etc.

These stations are powered by a bank of solar panels along their roof, which according to Tesla, will produce enough excess power that they will actually be feeding it back into the grid. To keep things in the family, these stations will offer free electricity for owners of the 85 kWh Model S.

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El Caminito del Rey

Clinging to the side of a cliff, a 100 meters above a narrow gorge in Spain, runs one of the world’s most treacherous hiking trails: El Caminito del Rey. This narrow ribbon of eroding concrete was originally constructed in 1905 for workers commuting back and forth between nearby hydroelectric plants. In 1921, King Alfonso XIII crossed the walkway for the inauguration of a local damn and since then people have started referring to it as “the King’s little pathway”.

Today, however, the pathway is in a state of serious disrepair, making it a destination for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.  At its widest, the trail is only a meter across, but concrete decay has reduced that considerably and there are certain sections that are missing entirely. Nearly the whole stretch is without a handrail.  A safety wire runs along the side of the cliff, but the attachment of which is no doubt questionable.  The Spanish government has closed the entrances to the trail in an attempt to keep trekkers out, but this has only made the destination more appealing.

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J Craft 42ft Torpedo

Steeped in centuries of Swedish nautical heritage, Gotland-based J Craft is known for building performance boats with a singular sense of style. Their signature model, the 42ft Torpedo, is inspired by the wooden speed boats of the 50′s and 60′s, but has been designed and engineered using state of the art technology, making it ideal for anything from day-trips to long haul tours across the Mediterranean.

As with all vehicles of luxury, the beauty of the Torpedo is in the details. Hand crafted by a small team of passionate shipwrights and craftsmen, it takes over 4,000 man hours to construct each boat.  The eco-friendly mahogany deck is lacquered and varnished eighteen times for an unparalleled finish and incredible durability. From the supple leather and handcrafted cabinetry to the genuine Nardi steering wheel, relentless attention to detail is what sets the Torpedo apart.

As for the performance side of the equation, the Torpedo is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 500 diesels that can power the boat up to 50 knots. It’s forward facing pod propellers can swivel 360 degrees making cornering safer and easier. At low speed, especially when maneuvering around port, the Torpedo can be controlled by a IPS joystick, which allows the boat to move backwards, forwards, sideways and even turn in its own length, with just a touch of finger tips.

By combining both form and function, the J Craft have created a true modern icon would certainly be the envy of any marina.

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Avon Celli e L’Eroica

This beautifully shot film by Ben Ingham harkens back to the “heroic ages” of cycling. It follows a local Italian cycling team for Avon Celli as they prepare for the three day Eroica retro-race through the hills of Chianti. As the members of the team prepare to ride on a cool damp morning, they speak about what brought them into the sport, articulating their passion for the sport with a distinctly Italian flare. With all of them together on classic steel frames, wearing retro jerseys, and pedaling along a dusty country road, one can’t help but be transported to a different era. For this race, they ride not just for themselves, but in remembrance of those who came before them.

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AETHER Fall/Winter 2012

The new Aether Fall / Winter 2012 season has arrived! We’re debuting a bunch of new products  as well as a variety of updated styles. The website has also underwent a slight revamp in preparation for the new season. So without any further ado, lets get  into the new styles.


Field Jacket -  The Field Jacket combines the functionality of a traditional field jacket with the technical performance of a ski jacket. Its seam-sealed 3-layer heavy Oxford shell, integrated pockets, and side vents make it rugged enough for the back country, while its clean lines, ergonomic fit, and muted color palette make it refined enough for the city.

Contour – The Contour is a versatile urban jacket that combines an ergonomic fit with a clean, modern aesthetic. It features a 3-layer weather-resistant bonded twill fabric with a soft brushed backer. Its saddle shoulder construction allows for increased range of movement, while its tailored fit offers a refined silhouette.

Nomad – Made from Schoeller® Dryskin CoolMax®, the Nomad was designed for a wide range of active uses. Its 4-way stretch fabric is highly breathable, abrasion resistant, and moisture controlling, while its ergonomic fit allows for an increased range of motion.

Gravity - With a slub cotton exterior and plush microfiber quilted interior, the Gravity is designed to give you a little more warmth than your standard hoodie. It’s insulated with 40 grams of PrimaLoft®, which offers superior insulation without the added bulk.

We are also debuting a wide range of brand new knits.


Streamline – The Streamline is a modern urban jacket made from a 3-layer weather-resistant bonded twill fabric with a cozy brushed backer. A sleek city shell, the Streamline takes the edge off the cold with an elegant aesthetic and ergonomic fit.

Arctic Trench - A stylish alternative to a traditional winter parka, the Arctic Trench is designed for cold urban environments.  It has 200 grams of PrimaLoft® fill for superior insulation without the bulk and a seam-sealed 2-layer Amaterrace Diaplex™ shell fabric for complete protection against the elements.

Long Fleece Hoodie - The Long Fleece Hoodie is made from an Italian luxe stretch-cotton fleece, giving it a soft, comfortable feel. The added length offers a little extra protection on colder days, while the two-way zipper allows you the ability to adjust.

We are also debuting a variety range of brand new knits for women as well.

We will also be unveiling some more winter gear in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

The Dome Oven

Embracing the slow food movement, Industrial Designer Xavier Lopez designed the Dome Oven to encourage people to take a moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of a slowly prepared meal.  “We are experts in precooked meals made in 5-15 minutes,” he said to design blog Knstrct. “The idea is to recover the idea of DOME cooking fire and slowly, as our ancestors did, generating a meeting around food because you have to wait to be done.”

Similar to a Tajine, the oven is handmade using refractory ceramic and is sculpted for optimal heat distribution. It has a dark black glaze on the inside so food appears to pop when presented. The Dome is lightweight and can be used either in the kitchen or out camping.

Moses Pedestrian Bridge

The Dutch have had a lot of brilliant ideas over the years, however, this is definitely not one of them. The Moses Pedestrian Bridge was designed by RO-AD Architects and gives pedestrians the unique experience of walking “through” the water to access Fort de Roovere, a 17th century defense structure.

Sitting just above the water line, the Moses Bridge is nearly invisible from a distance. Not until one approaches does it come fully into come into view.  It was built from Accoya wood, which underwent a nontoxic modification process to prevent fungal decay and increase its durability.

However, the reason why this is a terrible idea is that it rains in Holland, quite a bit actually. So after just a few inches of rain, water will spill over the side and fill the bridge with water. Then, even if the water level goes down, the bridge will still be filled with water and need to be pumped out.  And based off a typical summer in Holland, it’s pretty amazing the bridge isn’t underwater already.

AETHERstream | Boston, MA

This Fall the AETHERstream will be in Boston. From September 15th through October 15th the AETHERstream will be set up at the historic Faneuil Hall.    We have done a revamp for the 2012 Fall/Winter season and will be debuting some brand new styles including the new Field Jacket, Contour, and Gravity. Stop by, check out the space, try on some new gear, and get stocked up for winter.

Open Tuesday through Sunday
Hours 11 am to 7 pm
Closed Mondays

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Tokyo Timelapse

Using a medium that was practically designed for the city, presents Tokyo visual kinetics of timelapse photography. Showcased are the city’s many forms of transportation. From the bustling boats of the port to the crowd-filled subway system to streaks of light on the freeway, Tokyo does an excellent job of moving people around. Great for city dwellers and great for stop motion photography.