Aston Martin x Factor Unveil “One-77 Cycle”

Aston Martin Designs Limited Edition ‘Superbikes’

This week, luxury sport car manufacturer Aston Martin and custom bicycle builder Factor unveiled their new collaboration: the One-77 Cycle. Named after Aston Martin’s most advanced sports car, the bicycle is being dubbed as the “the world’s most technologically advanced road bike.”

While there’s nothing revolutionary about it structurally, the One-77 Cycle’s claim to fame is its comprehensive computer monitoring system. Its state of the art data logging computer has over 100 channels of performance feedback, including crank torque, leg power, rear wheel spin, and the highly agonized over – wasted leg power. Naturally the frame is made entirely out of carbon fiber and can be painted in seven exclusive Aston Martin colors. The handle bars and saddle are hand stitched with the same quality as an Aston Martin’s interior.

However, just like its namesake, the One-77 Cycle does not come cheap and is being sold for $39,000 a piece, with only 77 models being produced. Incidentally, $39,00 could also get you a 1985 Aston Martin Lagonda.

[ Via Looks, Feels, Works]


Eco-Amp by Eco-Made

Eco-Amp is the first completely natural iPhone amplifying. Not only does it enhance the built-in speaker on your iPhone using natural acoustics, but it’s made entirely out of FSC Certified 100% Post Consumer Paper.

While many acoustic iPhone amplifiers already exist, including the gorgeous en&is ceramic megaphone and durable Bones Collection horn, most are bulkier, more expensive, and not nearly as recyclable. Manufactured right here in Los Angeles, the Eco-Amp is  sold in flat packages and assembled by the consumer when needed, which makes it perfect for travel. Each package contains 2 eco-amps and only costs $7.99 at Eco-Made web store.

[Via Design Milk]

The Rip Tide by Beirut

A ship cutting across the water, sailing towards an endless horizon, a picture of solitude. The ocean’s breeze and rhythm of the waves bring on a meditative calm.  And when the sun sets and the light starts to bend, the sky ignites.

This is the scene of Beirut’s new music video for their title-track “The Rip Tide” off their 2011 album. However director Houmam Abdallah takes it a few steps further, where the color of the sky becomes one the water of the sea. A beautiful video for a great track.

Directed by Houmam Abdallah

Habitable Polyhedron Outdoor Pod

An escape pod from the house, the Habitable Polyhedron is a backyard refuge that functions as lounge, study, or home office away from the distractions of the house. The pod was created by Colombian architect Manuel Villa for his own personal use in Bogota. It’s been a great way to better connect with the outdoors and spend some quality time with his wife and child. The front of the structure can be fully opened and out on to a small porch. The window in the rear allows for a cross breeze and additional natural light.

After spending rainy afternoons in the pod doing some very important “research and development”, Manuel Villa intends to make prefabricated versions of his Polyhedron units for sale.

[ Manuel Villa via Inthralled]

Black Lodge by Jagnefalt Milton

Like something straight out of Game of Thrones, the Black Lodge  will soon offer travelers refuge along the ragged Baltic coast of Gotland. Designed by Stockholm-based architect Jagnefalt Milton, the Black Lodge allows users to manipulate the structure depending on the weather conditions. During fair weather the sides can be folded down for greater access to the outdoors, but during foul weather, which in Baltic Sea can be often, the lodge can be sealed up. The circular hole looks like stylistic touch, but in a pinch you could probably shoot arrows out of it.

[ Via Dezeen]

SplinterBike Quantum

Introducing the new SplinterBike Quantum. Created by cycling enthusiasts and inventor Michael Thompson, this is the third incarnation of his unique 100% wood bicycle design which was created at the request of Adain Avion London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Made out of 88 custom designed CNC-cut pieces, the bike has taken Thompson over 120 hours to draw in CAD, 40 hours to mill, and over 400 hours to properly assembly into the specialty monocoque frame.

In theory, the six pliCog gear should propel the bike to all little over 20 miles per hour based on a cadence of 100.  The gearing has been changed to 2.5:1 from the original 4:1, which was a little too aggressive on the small plywood gear teeth. The handle bars are actually broom handles and unlike earlier models of the bike, they are styled as aerobars for a more streamlined riding position. The wheels are coated in a unique glue that requires up to 5 weeks to fully harden, but makes for a tremendously smoother ride.

Ever since unveiling his first SplinterBike, Michael Thompson has been all over the media in Britain. You can check out a short video of how the the idea first came to light here.

Sweat Pea Boat House

Sticking out from the white fiberglass hulls that fill the marina, sits the two story 550 sq ft. green house boat affectionately named Sweet Pea.  Aside from it’s bright paint color, Sweet Pea is also the first house boat certified by Build Green and features a variety of eco-concious design elements. Inside the L/G washer dryer combo, two-burner induction cooktop, LED lights, and a variety of other modern amenities are powered by roof mounted solar panels.

The Sweet Pea was constructed by Mike Auderer, owner of Olympia Construction, who now lives in the boat after down-sizing from a three story Victorian. He plans to start constructing similarly designed house boats for public sale and believes a turnkey model could be made for anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000.

To see more images of the Sweet Pea, as well as pictures of its construction, you can visit it’s Facebook page.

[ Via Jetson Green]

Poetry in Motion: Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Josh Clason has been on an absolute dream assignment if we’ve ever heard of one. He launched an automotive series with Hype Beast called Depth of Speed, and for the past year he’s been traveling around the country with his wife in a Airstream trailer documenting unique cars and their owners.

A few weeks ago Clason caught up with an icon of Mercedes design: the 300SL Gullwing.  Manufactured from 1954 to 1963, the Gullwing is considered by many to be the pinnacle of 1950′s automotive engineering. Its unique top-hinged Gull wing doors and direct fuel injection engine were the first of their day. Today, most Gullwings spend 365 days of the year in a garage or being shipped with white gloves from one premier car show to the next, but the owner Clason found in Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the rare exceptions who actually takes his Gullwing out on extended trips.

Seeing the car’s seductive lines in motion and hearing the rich sound of its straight six as it winds down the stretch, makes you wonder how anyone in good conscious could keep one of these beautiful machines locked up in a showroom garage. Minor nicks and dings be damned, true happiness can only be found out on the open road.

[ Depth of Speed]

Hot Tub Boats

Having muddled through countless cold wet Seattle winters, the creators of Hot Tub Boat decided something needed to be done, or at least something should be done. And thus the idea of making a hot tub into a boat was born.

The Hot Tub Boat design team is comprised of devoted shipwrights, waterway conservationists, and people who take relaxing very seriously. To achieve their goal they merged the aesthetics of a wooden lake boat with the functionality of a jacuzzi. The boat is capable of holding six people out on the water or eight when tied to the dock and is powered by an electric motor. It travels at a leisurely 5-knots so not to splash the water around inside – it’s a pleasure cruise after all, not a race.

For more information of renting a Hot Tub Boat check out the company’s website here.

AETHERstream on Robertson Blvd 6/15 – 6/17

The AETHERstream is kicking off a mini LA Summer Tour with a stop this weekend at Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood. We’ll be open for business this Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  For all the fathers out there, stop by on Sunday (Father’s Day) for a free Aether Sigg bottle. (Be sure to come with pictures of your adorable children, Matt will be checking. If children are present, an embarrassing anecdote may be requested.) We look forwards to seeing you!

157 North Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

10 AM to 6 PM
Friday (6/15) thru Sunday (6/17)

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