Iceland Electric Wire Pylons

Ever since electric utility companies started streaming high-tension wires across the lands the method for doing so has always been, well, utilitarian. Very little effort was put into lessening the eye-sore nature of running towering metal pylons across the horizon. From a visual stand point, the land was ceded over completely to function.  However in Iceland, the national power company Landsnet is looking to find a compromise. In cooperation with Association of Icelandic Architect they’ve started taking submissions from designers for new ways of transporting electrical lines.

One unique concept comes from Choi and Shine Architects, who envision giant human-like pylons carrying wires over hill and dale. Aesthetically, these 50 foot tall figures are a vast improvement over the traditional towers. Designed to be positioned according to the contours of the land, the giants can strike a variety of poses. Their arms can extend in a variety of positions, which will lessen the need to flatten out large foundations. The main selling point though is that by using duplicate parts and scaffolding, these giant human pylons will costs no more than traditional towers.

Unfortunately Landsnet ultimately decided not to move forward with the project, but the concept won first prize at the Boston Society of Architect’s annual Unbuilt Architecture Award. So there’s still hope that someday towering electrical giants will walk the earth.

[ Via Art Here and Now]

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