Free Floating Ecolodge

This free floating ecolodge was designed by Dutch architect Marjin Beije to encourage a younger more city-focused group of people to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. Similar to river rafting in Sweden, Beije’s ecolodge captures the same freedom and tranquility of life on the river but offers slightly more refined accommodations.

The duel-hull catamaran design consists of two main living quarters that are connected by a upper and lower deck. One side is used as a bedroom at night, but pushing the beds against the walls converts it into a sizable living space. The other side holds the kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. Attached to the mast on top is an observation deck. A roof mounted solar panel stores power during the day for the high-efficiency LED lights that run through out the lodge.

Originally designed as a thesis project for grad school, Beije has since partnered with sustainable housing veteran Ap Kremer from APHoutconstructies to put the EcoLodge into production. There has also been talk of using the Ecolodge design and layout as a raised tree house as well.

Beije’s ecolodge is great example of how an exceptional design can help foster a greater engagement with the outdoors and add to the existing beauty of the natural landscape.

[ Via Inhabitat & Gizmag]

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