Lamborghini Ankonian

With the release of the Dark Knight Rises trailer,  it’s only fitting we share with you the mad genius of Slavche Tanevski. For his fourth semester project at Munich’s University of Applied Sciences, Tranevski submitted his design for a new Lamborghini concept car called the Ankonian.

This fully jacked up, well vented, sharply angular beast is a projection of raw power. Even sitting still the thing looks, well, mean. In keeping with the Lamborghini tradition of naming cars after bulls, the Ankonian is the name of a particular type of black haired bull – hence the car’s charred black color.

Since the Ankonian doesn’t actually exist yet, there are no tech specs to go along with it. Although according to concept art it’s suppose to shoot flames out the exhaust, so that’s something.

[ Via Car]

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