Bike Furniture by Andy Gregg

S6 Bar Table and S2 Lounge Chairs

Much of Andy Gregg’s life has played out to the sound of shifting gears, whirling chains, and spinning spokes.  From his first gig as a mechanic in a local bike repair shop, to his current job designing for Bike Furniture, Gregg has spent a fair deal of time around bicycles. His extensive experience combined with a unique knack for innovative design, has allowed him to breathe life to old beat-up bikes.

Where most people see a pile of broken part, Andy sees pieces of larger, unrealized whole. Since 1990 he’s been making handcrafted furniture using wheels, tires, inner tubes, handles bars, and whatever else he can pull off a bike.  He started making furniture for personal use at first, but in the past few years has decided to approach it from more of a business angle. Not surprisingly, a lot of people in both the cycling and design community have really taken to the idea.

Gregg started with chairs, but expanded to loveseats, tables, and bar stools. Recently he’s collaborated with Harley to do a run of motorcycle inspired furniture. At the moment each model comes fully assembled, but Gregg has been experimenting with collapsible versions to cut down on shipping costs.

To check out the full line of Gregg’s work visit his website.

Modulus Lounge

S2 Tables

S-6 Bar Table and S-2 Swivel Bar Stool with Pro Pad

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