LA Wolfpack | Don Ward

While many large metropolitan areas like New York and San Francisco have begun to embrace the urban cycling movement by widening shoulders and putting in dedicated bike lanes, Los Angeles remains one of the most egregious exceptions. Cyclists here must contend with mile upon mile of cracked cement, gaping pot-holes, non-existent shoulders, as well as the most oblivious drivers in the world. However, despite the rough conditions, or perhaps because of them, the city is home to a thriving underground cycling community dedicated to taking back the streets of LA.  No group holds more infamous regard than the late-night riders of  The Wolfpack Hustle and their organizer Don Ward.

The group known for crashing the LA Marathon course and racing a JetBlue flight from Burbank to Long Beach has done quite a bit to elevate the cycling scene, both locally and nationally. The man responsible for transforming this gang of once rowdy joyriders into a spirited group of cycling enthusiasts is Don Ward. In the early days, the Wolfpack Hustle was a 2-wheeled outlet for deviant behavior. It was all about mobbing intersections, running red lights, harassing drivers, and going insanely fast. Don has helped take the adversarial nature out of the group and focus their energy on cycling advocacy and enjoying the roads in a fun safe way. They still go insanely fast though.

The above video is a short vignette of the Wolf Pack and Don Ward, shot and edited by Colin Arlen and Estevan Padilla.

[Via Red Bulletin]

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