Glo-Bars Bicycle Light

Better batteries and brighter bulbs have proven to be a boon for new bicycle lighting systems. From Revolight to the Aurora Project, independent designers have been finding ingenious new ways to illuminate the night streets and keep urban cyclists visible and safe.

The latest promising prototype comes from Mitchell Silva, an Industrial Design student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His Glo-Bar approach incorporates lights into the handle bars using 40 high efficiency LED bulbs with a momentary actuator button built into back.

While the initial prototype appears to be kicking off some serious Lumens, Mitchell acknowledges there are a few issues that still need to be addressed before the system is street ready. He found that the amount of metal cutting he had to do affected the rigidity of the handlebars, so he’s looking into a new way of building the lighting in. He also plans to incorporate a right and left turn signals as well as an easy to access battery compartment. Believe it or not, but the prototype shown here is running entirely off a watch battery.

[ Via Prolly Is Not Probably]

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