The Winter’s Edge

While most of us living in North America have had little to complain about in terms of winter riding conditions, there are those living much closer to the Arctic Circle for whom biting cold and brown slush have made up a sizable portion of this year.  A Helsinki native, Jukka Ainesmaa is all too familiar with the hardships of a long harsh winter, but unlike most cyclists who stow their bike away until the warmth of summer returns, he elects to ride out and embrace it.

To capture both the agony and ecstasy of winter riding, Jukka went out with a friend and filmed his typical commute to work. Weaving through cars, charging over snow banks, and forging across slush puddles, Jukka presses forwards with unwavering determination.  The lyrical spoken words were provided by his brother Samu Ainesmaa, whose nearly winded delivery evokes the feeling of pedaling fast down snow covered streets.  It’s not an experience for everyone, but for those brave enough to ride out into a cold grey winter’s morning, there is a exhilarating satisfaction that is uniquely their own.

[via Bike Minimalism]