Bikes of Burden by Hans Kemp

Without a doubt, the most popular form of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City is the motorbike. The streets are literally thronged with them.  From dads driving their children to school to farmers bringing their goods to market, the entire city seems to run on two wheels. And when a person’s only mode of transportation is a 125 cc Belarusian-built Minsk, creative “off-label” uses become inevitable. Many of them would put even the most loaded-down GS Adventure to shame.

A couple of years ago when Dutch photographer Hans Kemp was traveling through South East Asia, he was struck by the versatility of these little two-stroke work horses and documented the more imaginative uses he saw in his series Bikes of Burden. He later turned these images into a fantastic 160 page book that can be purchased from the publisher at Visionary World.

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