Happy New Years

Happy New Years!

Eyetohand Bike

“A bike that folds, not a folding bike” That was the initial goal of Dominic Hargreaves when he started this project for his design label Eyetohand. And from the looks of it, he’s pulled it off rather magnificently. The bike retains very sleek urban looking lines while being capable of folding down into the diameter of a wheel. This bike is only a prototype (i.e. missing crank set & chain), but the Eyetohand website says they are working with a undisclosed manufacturer to develop a production model that will soon be available to the public. Really a fantastic piece of design with a great looking aesthetic.

The Non-Pneumatic Tire

Getting a flat can be a real hassle, especially if you’re in hostile territory taking enemy fire. But now Resilient Technologies has developed a new Non-Pneumatic Tire that uses a rubber honeycombed structure instead of air pressure to keep vehicles supported. The current Humvee setup uses traditional pneumatic tires with a run-flat donut insert. If the tire is punctured by a bullet or road-side bomb, the truck will be able to limp away but only at a top speed of 30 mphs and for a distance of about 30 miles.

The new Resilient NPT will never go flat and can be driven at any speed. They are also virtually the same in weight as a traditional tire, and have a 100,000 mile life span before they need to be retreaded.  Resilient Technologies is looking to bring this technology to the military first, but if the concept takes off commercial variation may soon become available. Which is good, because we’ve been waiting forever for Michelin‘s problem-prone “Tweel” to be released.

[ Via Core 77]

X-planation Collection: Warped Airports

With all the air traveling going on this holiday season, it seems fitting to mention Hubert Blanz‘s mind-bending X-planation collection. Using satellite imagery from the internet, Hubert is able to warp airports into seemingly impossible shapes. Each image uses multiple perspectives to give it a feeling of perpetual motion and conflict.

[Via Hubert Blanz via MyModernMet]

Pogo Goes Pro

Just like paddle ball, the hula hoop, and to a lesser degree, Skip-It™, the Pogo Stick has always come across as a pretty pointless venture.  It’s a device that is absolutely thrilling for approximately 3-5 minutes, but afterwards it’s quickly relegated to the back corner of the garage and never spoken of again.  However, this video proves that the Pogo Stick’s capabilities have been seriously underestimated. Taking elements from skate culture, BMX cycling, and parkour Pogo-Sticking has emerged as a noteworthy extreme sport. (and from the looks of this video it certainly should be)  In fact there is now a national championship for the Pogo Stick called Pogopalooza, which is done in a similar fashion as the fast-paced, high-flying X-Games.

Merry Christmas

From everyone on the Aether Team, we hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries

In the same vain as Zander Olsen’s ” Tree, Line”, Washington based photographer Jim Sanborn has been working on similar series entitled “The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries”.  Using a long shutter speed and light projector he is able to superimpose geometric lines onto the rocky landscape of the American Southwest. It’s amazing how such a subtle and non-invasive technique can elevate the natural beauty of the desert to the level of art.

To see more of Jim’s work, check out his website.

[ Via Ignant]

Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (formally Saigon) is one of the fastest growing metropolitan centers in Southeast Asia. Home to roughly 9 million people, the streets of the former French colony have grown increasingly chaotic, to put it mildly. But this timelapse short film from photography Rob Whitworth depicts the throngs of traffic as the essential lifeblood of the city. Pulsing with a consistent rhythm, the ebb and flow of the vehicles is how the city keeps its beat. What I can’t help thinking about is: what if all those motorbikes were cars? Or conversely, what if all the cars on the packed Los Angeles freeways were motorbikes? Imagine the horror.

“Tree, Line” Photo Series

As part of his ongoing series “Tree, Line”, Welsh photographer Zander Olsen wraps trees with white material to build a relationship between tree and non-tree. Similar in style to John Pfahl’s Altered Landscapes, this project requires a certain level of interaction with the scenery in order to accentuate a perceived horizon. These shots were taken throughout the countryside of Surrey, Hampshire and Wales.

[via HUH]


JP Auclair Street Segment

Muddy brown slush has never looked so good. From its ingenious concept to the exceptional cinematography to the killer LCD Soundsystem track, this video has got so many great things going on at once it’s hard to tell them apart. The video features 22-year old Canadian freestyle skier JP Auclair as he tears up the backstreets of Trails, B.C. The segment was shoot for the feature-length ski film All.I.Can by Sherpa Cinema, which is now available on BlueRay.