Destination | TuboHotel

To capitalize on the recent surge in eco-tourism, TuboHotel decided to make the most of some unused concrete sewer pipes from a nearby construction site. Drawing inspiration from the Das Park Hotel in Germany, the TuboHotel expanded upon the concept of pod-living by stacking short cut tubes into small pyramids. Each room is furnished with a queen-size bed, desk-lamp, fan, and plenty of storage under the bunk. Located forty-five minutes outside of Mexico City in the small mountain town of Tepoztlan, the TuboHotel offers travels an eco-concious and modern minimalist experience.

[Images via Luis Gordoa]


The Beauty of a Second

190 years ago Nicoles Rieussec invented the chronograph, a device that could record time to the accuracy of a fifth of a second.  Montblanc and Leo Burnett Milan celebrate his invention with The Beauty of a Second ultra-short film contest that challenges filmmakers to “seize the moment” by capturing the beauty of a fleeting moment. Watching this compilation of first round selections really gives you an appreciation for the elasticity of time. Some of the films flicker by in an instant while others seem to sear themselves into the back of your mind. Which ones resonate is up to the eye of the beholder.


Aether Outpost Is Now Open

We’ve tried to make our online experience as thorough and painless as possible, but when it comes to buying outerwear sometimes there’s no substitute for trying it on in person.  We’ve gotten a ton of request from people asking to stop by our office to see our collection, but up until now we haven’t been able to accommodate such visits.

Continuing our trend of upcycling anything we can get our hands on, we converted this unused storage room in our main office into a complete retail space. The Aether Outpost offers every item in our entire collection, including some backstocked and prototype styles.

So if you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to stop by for a visit, shoot us an email at and we’ll schedule a time.

Aether Apparel
6100 Melrose Avenue (Entrance on Seward)
Los Angeles, ca 90038

TUES-FRI 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ural M70 Motorcycle

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of their legendary Irbit factory, Ural has introduced the limited edition M70 with sidecar.  This motorcycle pays tribute to its veteran M72, which itself was a copy of the world-renowned BMW R71. A rugged all terrain machine, the M72 was capable of carrying three people and heavy loads, making it ideal for mobile troop transport. Almost 10,000 M72s were built, and in 1942 fleets of them were dispatched to the WWII front lines.

Just like their military predecessors the newly released M70 is still painted olive drab and comes with a sidecar machine gun mount (DP-28 Light Machine Gun not included). And just like the original it also includes a spare wheel and shovel. While M70 keeps the aesthetics of the original M72, it has been updated to make it an extraordinary road bike as well. The M70 comes equipped with 18″ aluminum rims, 40 mm Marzochhi telescopic forks, Sachs shocks, Brembo front disc brake, and other modern features. Classic look, modern mechanics. Reminds us of someone else we know….

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

- The Aether Team

In Focus | Iron & Resin

A little while back fellow Californian brand Iron & Resin teamed up with photographer and ‘It’s Better in the Wind’ director Scott Toepfer to shoot a short film. They covered miles of open road and coast line as the team rode down to one of their favorite surf sports at Refugio State Beach. It’s easy to get caught up in the whimsical wanderlust world of motorcycling and surfing, which can be a problem when you’re trying to film it. And from the looks of the dropped bike at the 57 second mark, it appears they may have gotten a little wrapped up in the moment. Don’t worry, we know the feeling exactly.

Cabinet de Curiosites II – BROWNS, LONDON – 2011

Today is the opening of Thomas Erber’s second Cabinet de Curosites, which takes place from November 22nd through December 23rd at Browns in London. Having been fascinated by the concept of a “Room of Curiosities” for a while, Thomas revived the old tradition with a collection of limited one-of-a-kind pieces from top designers and brands from all over the world. The Cabinet de Curosites looks to be a complete sensory experience of art, fashion, and contemporary culture.

For the event Aether has reinvented one of our most iconic jackets by using a unique combination of fabrics. Introducing the Wool Barrier.  Unlike regular wool, this is laminated with a special membrane to add function and technical properties.  The Primaloft® insulation adds unbelievable warmth without the bulk and the electric blue lining adds a pop to the inside. We’ve made an extremely limited run of these jackets in a variety of sizes, all of which will be available for sale exclusively at the the Cabinet de Curosites. We’re are extremely honored to have been asked to participate in this event and look forward to seeing what other creations will be on display.



In Focus | Travel the US in 5 Minutes

Strap yourself in for an armchair cross-country road trip from New York to California and back again. This time-lapse video was taken by photographer Brian DeFrees and condenses his multi week transamerican journey down to just five minutes. Follow along state by state with the indicator in the bottom left hand corner.

[Via Good]

AETHERstream in NYC 11/17 – 12/31

Hello New York City! After doing a short trial run in Los Angeles, the AETHERstream mobile pop-up shop has arrived in Manhattan.  In addition to the Airstream we’ve also added an Army canvas tent from Armbruster Tent Makers, one of the oldest tent manufacturers in the United States, to give us a little extra covered space. We’ve been told that it sometimes rains in New York.  To see our not-entirely-successful first attempt at setting up said tent check out the AETHERstream photo album on Facebook. We are going be in New York from November 17th through December 31st so make sure to stop by.

47 Prince Street (at Mulberry)
New York, NY 10012

Seven Days a Week 11AM to 7PM

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WWII Paratrooper Welbike

Our recent post on the Honda MotoCompo got us thinking about the origins of collapsible motorcycles, so we went back to source: the 1942 Welbike.  The lightweight collapsible “motorcycle” was designed by the British Inter Services Research Bureau to give paratroopers increased range and maneuverability behind enemy lines. In order to fit inside the standard 51 inch paratrooper container the bike had to be stripped down to the bare essentials and came with no suspension, no lights and just a single rear brake. The 6.5 pint fuel tank had to be pressurized by a hand pump, but gave the rider a respectable 90 mile range at 30 mph.

While the concept seemed like a good idea on paper, in combat situations soldiers found the Welbike to be more of a liability than anything else. The weight difference between the bike and paratrooper usually meant the two would land a considerable distance apart, and the soldiers would have to fight their back to it. Even if they did find it and were able to assemble it while under constant enemy fire, the bike had about as much low-end torque a pinwheel and was all but useless off-road. The final death-nail for the Welbike was the development of larger tow gliders that could carry full size motorcycles, like the Royal Enfield WD/RE .

Despite their brief role in history there are still a fair number of Welbikes that pop up on eBay from time to time. It may have been a miserable failure on the battlefield, but it certainly would be a blast for a ride around town.

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