DIY Project | Bicycle Sidecar

While perusing through the DIY mecca Instructables, I came across this modish piece of badassery. A father in England decided to build a sidecar so he could transport his 3-year old son around the local bike paths. This is a huge improvement over the typical rear-mounted seats that offer your kids nothing but a stunning view of your backside. With this setup, they’re out in the thick of it. Give them some aviator goggles and a scarf, and you’ll be off in style.

[via Instructables]

Bucket List | Aerochuting

One of the easier and safest ways to experience open cockpit flight is to take a ride in a powered parachute. Aerochutes of Australia has been helping flight-enthusiasts take to the skies since 1989. Founder Stephen Conte developed a dual-seater to allow instructors to accompany novices while they teach them the ropes.

Unicat | Ultimate Off-Road RV

After discovering the raw off-road might of the Russian Trekol, we were interested to see what America had to offer in terms of rugged go-anywhere vehicles. This brought us to Palo Alto-based UnicatAmerica and their extensive line of off-road RVs and rescue vehicles. This quote from founder Avi Meyers explains why he feels RVs need to have all-wheel drive, 950 ft-lbs of torque, and a 2,000 mile fuel range.

Aether Expedition | The Gateway Ride

No sooner did we return home from our first Rawhyde Adventure did we start planning our next trip. Our mentor and good friend Raphael came up with a route that would take us through the Los Padres National Forest and spit us out just north of Santa Barbara. We’d stay the night there, and then hook up with a crest trail that runs south along the coast. A nice mix of “dirt and twisties” as Raphael put it.