DIY | Boston Installs Bike Repair Stations

You may start seeing these pop up next time you’re biking through Cambridge, MA.  The city of Boston has just launched a pilot program that will start installing Bike Repair Stations in areas with high cycling traffic.  The stations give cyclists the ability to make quick repairs without having to carry a ton of tools with them. Attached are screwdrivers, Allen wretch set, 15mm wretch, tire paddles, and pump with air pressure gauge. Pretty much everything you’d need for most minor repairs. And to make working on your ride even easier, the two bars at the top have been specially designed to let you hang your bike by the seat.

It’s a pretty ingenious way to promote urban cycling, but you can’t escape the feeling that they’ve probably had something like this in Europe since the 1960′s. And the reason it hasn’t come over here is because it’d be stripped by vandals or little kids would use it to poke their eyes out. So miscreants and youngsters of Boston, if you’re looking for something to abuse/hurt yourself on, try knocking over a couple of these.

Cambridge installs free bike maintenance station for cyclists. [ via Boston Biker]

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