6100 Melrose (part 2) – The LA Permitting Office Strikes Back

Things were rolling right along at the new site. We were a couple months into the project and things were falling into a nice routine. The floors had just been sealed, the windows were being installed, and the cabinetry was being built.  But then, just as we were about to move on to the driveway and the overhead awning, we got a note from the friendly LA permitting office informing us that our plans, that had already approved by them once, were now not approved. With Soviet-era obtuseness they argued that the preexisting driveway was now too small for the building, even though we had done nothing to change the size of the building.  After countless visits to town hall, our lead negotiator / architect David Thompson was able to barter a deal and got us back on track. We lost some time, but we’re now back to all ahead full.