Cot One by Helinox

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Elevate your sleeping experience the next time you go camping with Cot One by Helinox.

This lightweight cot has been designed for anyone who has found it difficult to get comfortable while trying to sleep outdoors – which is pretty much everybody. The Cot One uses a unique tension system that allows you to easily slide and click together the locks, shock corded aluminum poles and aluminum ride rails. According to the company, the setup should take a little under 60 seconds.

Strong and durable Oxford Nylon is used for the sling, which capable of holding up to 320 lbs. Once it’s time to pack up the entire cot collapses down to fit into a carry-bag, which comes with glow-in-the-dark drawstrings.

For more information about the Cot One, check out the instructional video below. To see more of what Helinox has to offer, check out their website:

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AETHERmoto LA | The Crestliner Express


Join AETHERmoto LA as we explore some of the best riding routes in the Greater Los Angeles area.

When: Sunday, September 7th, 2014.
Meet at 9am for coffee & donuts, kickstands up at 9:30am

Where: AETHERhq
(6100 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA)

What (the Ride):  For this ride we’ll be heading up into the San Gabriel mountains for 100 miles of Traffic-Light Free™ canyon cruising. We’ll be taking the Angeles Crest all the way over to Wrightwood, where we’ll take a quick rest room break. From there, we’ll continue into the San Bernardino mountains, before finally arriving in Crestline where we will enjoy world-famous tamales at Texaforina restaurant.

Those looking to complete the loop can continue on to Big Bear and ride the 38 down to the 210. Or, for those interesting in some summer fun in the sun, they can double back to Lake Gregory to take a swim. Make sure to pack a swimming suit and a puerile attitude towards life, because this is going to be great.

Click here for the Route Map

Group Ride Guidelines (etiquette): 

1 Arrive with a full gas tank, having already used bathroom.
2 Know the route in case you get separated (especially gather points)
3 Ride at your own comfortable pace. Group rides can often push people beyond their skills. Don’t get caught up in keeping up.
4 See #3. Seriously.
5 When making a turn off of any given road, stop and wait until the next person sees you. Rinse and repeat. This way the group can keep moving without losing anyone in the turns
6 Let faster riders past you. The group should automagically end up fastest to slowest after a while (It’s ok to be slowest!)
7 If you have to bail out, send a text so we don’t have to come looking for you.
8 Have fun, that’s the whole point. Extra credit: post your awesome shots and story to Insta/face/ter/gram and the list and tell everybody how fun it was. #aethermoto

Swich Wireless Charger


The Swich wireless charger is the coolest way to recharge your smart phone that money can buy.

Dealing with USB cords and wall sockets will soon be the way of past with rapid integration of Qi charging technology. Qi, pronounced “Chee”, is basically  a small chip that is built into your phone or tablet that allows you to charge wirelessly. There are currently many third party adaptor covers for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola phones, but newer models will have Qi chips built into them.

The Swich wireless charger is built for the type of person who wants their charge to be just as sleek looking as their new iPhone 6.  Built from high-quality ceramic and American walnut, the Swich can charge a Qi integrated phone via contact alone. With a high-rate of efficiency, low-temperature, and unlimited cool factor, the Swich brings charging to the next level.

For more information about the Swich wireless charger or Qi technology, check out their website:




Motoped Survival Bike


Possibly the world’s first “tactical moped”, the Motoped Survival Bike is designed to survive the end of the world.

A cross between a moped and a downhill mountain bike, the Survival Bike is powered by a 4-stroke engine with a 1 gallon fuel tank. Due to its incredibly lightweight, it is able to get excellent gas mileage and has a 90 to 120 mile range. As for the survival part of the equation, the bike is outfitted with a extra fuel tanks, crossbow, survival shovel, tomahawk, harpoon, fixed blade saw, lighting system, carabiners and climbing rope, flashlight, multi-functional knife, multi tool, and bike mount for your smart phone. However, when the apocalypse comes we doubt you’ll have any service.

For more information about the Motoped Survival Bike, check out their website:

Motorped-Survival-Bike-Black-Ops-Edition-3 Motorped-Survival-Bike-Black-Ops-Edition-5 Motorped-Survival-Bike-Black-Ops-Edition-4  Motorped-Survival-Bike-Black-Ops-Edition-2

Collapsible Bucket by Wacky Practicals


Sometimes you need a bucket, but most of the time you don’t, which is why the Collapsible Bucket by Wacky Practicals is such a great idea.

Made from a durable silicone material with a stainless steel handle, the Collapsible Bucket is versatile bucket for a variety of applications. When unneeded, it can be folded down and stored in your closet, shed, trunk, or motorcycle pannier, but when called for it can be expanded to four different levels. When fully expanded the Collapsible Bucket is capably of holding up to 7 liters.

Available in multiple colors, you can check out Wacky Practicals’ full line of Collapsible Bucket at:




BRIK Fietsen Commuter Bike

BRIK fietsen (24)

With a drive shaft  instead of a typical chain, BRIK Fietsen commuter bikes are as low-maintenance as they are stylish.

Founded by Wouter Eigebrood, Netherlands-based BRIK Fietsen offers high quality, stylish, and relatively budget-friendly commuter bikes. All of the bikes, including their electric model, are outfitted with a drive shaft instead of a chain to deliver a cleaner, quieter cycling experience. This system delivers a very consistent rate of efficiency without any adjustments or maintenance, making it ideal for every-day commuting.

BRIK Fietsen offers a variety of frames designs that range from classic to modern. Each bike can be accessorized with choice of leather saddles, grips, baskets and child seat.

For more information, visit their website at: 

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BRIK fietsen (6) BRIK fietsen (35)   BRIK fietsen (1)_0

Suitroller by Rollor


Just roll and go, the easy-to-use Suitroller by Rollor takes all the hassle out of traveling with a suit.

Perfect for commuters and frequent business travelers, the Suitroller is a great way to transport your suits without wrinkles or creases. By rolling rather than folding, the Suitroller puts continuous pressure around the suit while eliminating any and all crease point. Raised sides along the edges help to keep the roll straight and even. Once rolled up, the whole package can be easily carried using the handle or the hands-free strap.

For more information about Suitroller, watch the instructional video below. To purchase, check out their website:


Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub


Possibly the most extravagant piece of camping equipment yet, the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub lets you bring the relaxation of a hot spring where ever you’re staying.

The portable tub folds down to fit inside a duffle bag that can easily be transported in the back trunk of a car. The tub should ideally be set up next to a water source, so it can be filled using a small water pump. Once filled, the water is heated using a spiral water coil that can be powered by either propane, natural gas, or firewood. Large enough of five people, the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is perfect for large groups looking to take the “rough” out of “roughing it”.

For more information about the Nomad Hot Tub, take a look




Overland Journal | Fall Issue Release Ride


We’re celebrating the release of Overland Journal’s new fall issue by holding a dual-sport dirt ride on Sunday, August 17th. So throw on the knobby tires and come join the fun!

Earlier this year, we took a trip into the desert with Overland’s executive creative director Sinuhe Xavier to document the travails of riding big adventure bikes through the backcountry of Death Valley. Now, with our story coming out in the new Fall Issue, we are celebrating by hosting an all-day dual-sport ride.

What (the Ride): We’ll start the day at AETHERhq where we’ll hand out free advance copies of the Fall Issue of Overland Journal. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Even if you can’t make the ride, feel free to come hang out with us in the morning.

Riders will then depart along a specially curated route: up and over the Angeles Crest, along Soledad road, and past Vasquez Rocks, to a network of dirt trails in the hills above Santa Clarita. (Anyone who is NOT riding a dual-sport bike can join us for this portion of the ride and bail out at Vasquez Rocks) Starting at Rowher Flats OHV Area, a mere 40 miles outside of the city, we will explore some of the best fire roads and dirt trails in Southern California as we snake our way up into the mountains around Bouquet Canyon. Nothing too technical, but riders should have experience riding on dirt, gravel, light sand.

Around noon we will break for lunch on the trail. Riders should pack their own lunch ahead of time. We will bring along some water and supplies, but riders are responsible for feeding themselves.  Afterwards, we’ll finish off the rest of the loop before heading back down the canyon and towards the city sometime in the late afternoon.

When: Sunday, August 17th 2014. Meet at 8am.

Where: AETHERhq (6100 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038)

Things you need:
1.) Dual-sport bike (Street-legal, highway-capable)
2.) Some experience riding dirt (Expect fire roads: loose dirt, gravel, and light sand)
3.) Packed lunch (Impress your friends with your killer trail-side spread)

Everyone interested in joining must RSVP to We want to make sure we have enough Overland Journal copies to hand out to everyone. Plus, you don’t want to get short changed on donuts! Nobody wants that.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to a great ride! See you soon!

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iSHOXS ProMount


GoPro just got a little more professional with the new iSHOXS ProMount.

The German engineered iSHOXS ProMount promises a rock-solid platform with a vice-like grip to allow you capture amazing GoPro footage no matter where you go.  It is the end result of an cooperative effort by industrial engineers and profession athletes to develop a filming platform that would allow them to capture highly-dynamic activities.

Featuring a shock-absorbing rubberized tread and a quick release leaver, the iSHOXS ProMount is designed to handle function under harsh challenging conditions. Made from CNC drilled aluminum, it’s both lightweight and highly durable.  Ideal for winter sports, mountain biking, motorcycles, kayaking, off-roading, and any other high kinetic energy activity.

For more information about the iSHOX ProMount, check out their website:




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