Camp Cups by Mazama


These beautiful, handcrafted Camp Cups by Mazama were inspired by the classic enamel mugs of past generations.

In an age of cheap ceramics, chintzy plastic, and disposable paper the majority of the cups we use on a daily basis do little to heighten the overall drinking experience. By and large, they’re purely utilitarian in function and entirely forgettable in style. However, if we care about the quality of what we put in the cup (good coffee, good whiskey, etc.), then why wouldn’t we want to drink out of something we equally cherished?

The Camps Cups by Mazama inspire to be more than just an empty vessel for transporting liquid and serve as a reminder of the best moments of summer: the outdoors, campfires, and cowboy coffee in the morning.

Made from hand thrown vitrified stoneware, the Camp Cups are finished with a special dual-color glaze technique to capture that classic enamel look. They feature a tapered, unglazed foot which allows sets to nest together neatly for storage while a carefully considered handle provides a solid yet comfortable grip. The Camp Cup can be purchased in two different sizes: 12oz and 8oz, as well as in two different color styles: Cloud with Ink Speckle and Ash with Cloud Speckle

So if you’re looking to elevate the quality of your cup to the quality of your coffee, take a look at the Camp Cups by Mazama. You can also check out the rest of their collection of quality drinkware on their website:

Cloud-Splatter-large Mazama-SS14-Cloud-16_9c055ea1-25b4-4c1a-98dd-d75a459b4738

Pendura Coat Stand by Galula


The Pendura coat stand by Portuguese design firm Galula is a refreshing take on the mundane coat rack.

While there’s nothing particularly innovative about a triangle on its own, it is not everyday that you see it incorporated into a coat rack. The base of the Pendura is set away from the base of the wall with the apex resting against it, while slanted grooves within the oak frame serve as multi-functional hooks. Whether you choose to hang coats, scarves, hats, or anything else you can imagine, the Pendura is a versatile piece of design and home decor.

For more information about the Pendura coat stand, check out Galua’s website:

2_IMG_5131_1024  Pendura-Coat-Stand-Galula-Interior-Decor-3 Pendura-Coat-Stand-Galula-Interior-Decor-4



Like a modern version of a walkie-talkie, the goTenna links with your phone to create an off-the-grid network that can communicate with other goTenna-linked devices, even when cell networks are overloaded, down, or out of range.

Each goTenna features a Bluetooth LE data interface, internal antenna, and 2-way radio, all of which have been integrated into a rugged, water-resistant, dust-proof design.  The device is small enough to be slipped into a pocket or can be attached to a backpack or belt using a clip strap.  The goTenna has a range of couple of miles in a congested urban areas, but will reach much further out in open country. Once purchased it is completely free to use and works with both Android and iOS phones.

For more information about the goTenna check out the video below. To purchase check out their website:




AETHERstream at Newcomb’s Ranch


Attention riders of Southern California. We invite you all to come take a day trip to the Angeles National Forest to check out our AETHERstream mobile pop-up shop at Newcomb’s Ranch.

This upcoming weekend (7/26 and 7/27) we will be setup at Newcomb’s ranch with our converted airstream trailer and will be featuring our full collection of motorcycle apparel and gear. We’ll be open 8am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday, so come on up and try on Eclipse, Skyline and Canyon jackets as well as our Compass moto pants. Co-founders Jonah and Palmer will be onsite to answer all of your questions. And as an added perk, we’ll be offering a promo code for 10% off any of our motorcycle gear for those that make the trek up. This offer will be available on location only.

And if you don’t want to go up alone, we’ll also be leading a group ride up on Sunday (7/27) at 9:00am from our Los Angeles location at 6100 Melrose Avenue. So come join us as we escape the heat and have a little mid-summer fun up in the mountains.

If you have any questions, please email

Dates: July 26th & 27th (Saturday and Sunday)
Hours: 8am to 4pm
Address: California 2, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011




TIWAL Inflatable Sailboat


The TIWAL is an inflatable small-craft sailboat that can be assembled or packed down in under 20 minutes.

The TIWAL features a patented V-shaped underbody to give the boat a rigid structure when fully inflated, while a reinforced aluminum frame allows it to handle strong winds and chop. At 10 feet in length and weighing in at 110 lbs, the boat is small and light enough to be carried by two adults and can be operated by either one or two people. A 5.2 square meter sail comes standard, but those looking for better performance can upgrade to a 7 square meter version.

Of course, the main attraction of the TIWAL is it’s ability to collapse for easy transportation and storage. The entire boat folds up into two bags, both of which can easily fit in the trunk or back seat of a car. Winner of the Best Innovation award at the 2014 Boat of The Year contest by  Sailing World, the TIWAL inflatable sailboat is a compact, versatile option for both beginner and expert sailers alike.

For more information TIWAL, check out their website:




The Abyss Table by Duffy London


The Abyss Table by Duffy London is an impressive coffee table that brings the mystery of the deep into your living room.

In keeping with the rest of Duffy London’s work, this piece is a clear conversation starter, but one that has a functional element as well. The design team spent a year experimenting with various types of sculpted glass, perspex and wood to achieve this 3D representation of an endless abyss. The Abyss Table is handmade in London from sustainable materials and is limited to 25 editions.

For more information on this table or any of Duffy London’s other works, visit their website:

1-the-abyss-table-by-duffy-london-750x400 2-the-abyss-table-by-duffy-london 3-the-abyss-table-by-duffy-london

BMW R45 by Ton-Up Garage


This custom BMW R45 by Portuguese outfit Ton-Up Garage is a pitch-perfect retro throwback.

Drawing inspiration from the 50′s, 60′s, and 70′s, Ton-Up garage aims to design custom motorcycles that celebrate the golden era of motor sports. For this recent creation, they turned to the 35hp, 473 cc boxer twin engine of a BMW R45 to make a stylish city bike. They fabricated a new sub-frame, which complements the new rear shock and forks, created a new headlight grill, mounted a pair of matching enduro fenders, and swapped out the original wheels for some spoked-rims and knobby tires. To complete the look, the bike was finished with a classic cream and brown paint job.

If you’d like to see more from Ton-Up Garage, or buy the bike you see here, check out their website:




BMW-R45-Custom-Motorcycle-13-1480x986 BMW-R45-Custom-Motorcycle-16-1480x986 BMW-R45-Custom-Motorcycle-17-1480x986

Frame Folio by Hard Graft


The Frame Folio by Hard Graft is the most stylish way to keep your documents in order on two wheels.

Designed to hang from your bicycles top tube, the Frame Folio is able to hold your tablet, books, magazines, papers, and other traveling goods. Outfitted with color-coded zippers, it’s various compartments have been laid out to keep your items organized. When you arrive at your destination, its straps double as a handle or can be simply wrapped around the bag.

For more information about the Frame Folio by Hard Graft, check out there website.






Sardine Foldable Rain Boots


Designed by Estel Alcaraz, the Sardine foldable rain boots can be rolled up for easy storage.

The boots are made from a soft, recyclable thermoplastic polyurethant that is both comfortable to wear and waterproof. When its time to pack them away, simply fold the boots up and secure with the included elastic strap. A pair of Sardines bound together measures just on fifth of its unfolded size and weighs a mere 2 pounds.

To see the Sardine rain boots in action take a look at the video below and for more information about them, check out their website:



AETHERstream at Newcomb’s Ranch

newcombs_journal (1)

Come take a day trip into the Angeles National Forest and check out our AETHERstream mobile pop-up shop at Newcomb’s Ranch.

On July 26th & 27th the AETHERstream will be set up at Newcomb’s Ranch (a classic Los Angeles motorcycle destination) where we’ll be featuring our full collection of motorcycle gear and apparel. We’ll be open 8am to 4pm on both days, so come on up and try on the new Eclipse, Compass pants, Skyline, or Canyon. As an added perk, for those who make the trek up, we’ll be offering a promo code for 10% off any of our motorcycle apparel. This offer will be available on location only.

And if you don’t want to go up alone, we’ll also be leading a group ride up to Newcomb’s on Sunday (7/27) at 9:00am from our Los Angeles location at 6100 Melrose Avenue. So come join us as we escape the heat and have a little mid-summer fun up in the mountains.

If you have any questions, please email

Dates: July 26th & 27th (Saturday and Sunday)


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